16 Responses to “Veterans Day From A High School Girl's Perspective (FB)”

  1. manbearpig69

    At first when they said pearl harbor, I thought the person died, then I realize their

  2. LordPuffington

    From the way it was worded it doesn’t sound like it. It is possible, though.

  3. TimmyX2

    “I must study politics and war, that my children may have the liberty to study cream filled cookies and manicures.” -Adams

  4. TheUniverseIsLaughingAtMe

    Crazy isn’t the right word; replace with “appreciative.”

  5. Rolli13

    …I finished high school three years ago, and my grandfather was a WWII veteran. (Coincidentally, he too was 17 when he went.) Your point?

  6. Runaway5

    Perhaps she’s saying that he was stationed at Pearl Harbor and was there for the attack.

  7. bluedeanie

    Yes, but “went to Pearl Harbor” makes it sound like was sent there as a combatant. “Was at Pearl Harbor” would have meant stationed there.

  8. ovrthtop34

    I would suggest joining the military when you are 18, but why bother, you will have all the responsibility with no benefits at all!

  9. gwarrior5595

    Crazy how at age 17 her grandpa went to Pearl Harbor to serve our country, and i’m sittin’ here masturbating

  10. nfuego17

    I miss you more than Michael Bay missed the mark,
    when he made Pearl Harbor.


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