Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign sharply criticized Barack Obama over his administration’s failure to deliver promised benefits to thousands of student veterans.

BuzzFeed reported this morning that tens of thousands of student veterans face debt and foreclosure because of bureaucratic delays at the Veterans Administration.

Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul said in an email:

The dysfunction in the Post-9/11 G.I. Bill program is inexcusable and part of a broader pattern of President Obama failing our veterans. He is raising health care costs on veterans, has quadrupled the number of veterans who have to wait months on end to receive their benefits, and created a jobs environment that has put a staggering 20.2% of our young returning veterans out of work. Governor Romney believes we must devote to veterans the care and attention they deserve, and as president he will do that.

As BuzzFeed reported, student veterans all over the country have been experiencing increasing difficulty in receiving their educational benefits in recent months, with some students having to take out loans to pay their tuition or even facing eviction. The Obama Administration has apologized for the delays, but has no clear plan to end them.

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Yesterday, despite 33 Democrats who voted no, the House passed the Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act, which “would relax the standard bureaucratic red tape that makes it exceedingly difficult to fire government employees, even those implicated in an embarrassing scandal.”

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats weren’t quite so receptive to the prospect of accountability for VA employees. Today, Marco Rubio requested that the Senate take up and pass the bill. Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders, speaking on behalf of the Dems, agreed to … a hearing:!/GOPLeader/status/469534046025166848!/AndrewStilesUSA/status/469529962484338690!/rorycooper/status/469529706388529152

Followed by a pair of fundraisers. Because priorities, right? Like President Obama, Senate Dems clearly have a firm grasp on what matters. They’ll get to the vets eventually or something. When they’re done caring about the really important things:!/CRENpolitics/status/469569461008076800!/TheBrandonMorse/status/469558418848493569!/RBPundit/status/469566380824875009!/Tark31/status/469567672209141760


Our heroes deserve so much better than this.

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