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Vultures, Hippos and Anthrax

How a study on vultures brought in two other, very different, organisms

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It’s official: I am a New Yorker. I’ve lived here for more than 10 years (that’s the rule, they say), but this bustling city will never be my true hometown…
New York has infiltrated my core: you’ll often find me debating the sauce-to-crust ratio on a slice of pizza; if you snag my cab you’ll feel my fury; I walk down the sidewalk at record speed.… Read more
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In Sahyouni v. Mamisch, (CJEU, Dec. 20, 2017), the Court of Justice of the European Union held that EU Council Regulation 1259/2010 implementing enhanced legal cooperation in matters of divorce and legal separation does not apply to a divorce granted by a Muslim religious court.  The European Court said in part:it is clear from the objectives pursued by Regulation No 1259/2010 that the latter regulation covers solely divorces pronounced either by a national court or by, or under the supervision of, a public authority.Law

In State of California v. Health and Human Services, (ND CA, Dec. 21, 2017), a California federal district court issued a nationwide preliminary injunction against enforcement of the Trump Administration’s Interim Final Rules issued in October (see prior posting) expanding exemptions from the ACA contraceptive coverage mandate for those with religious or moral objections.  The court ordered the government, pending resolution on the merits, to proceed under the narrower exemption regime that was in effect prior to October.  The court concluded that plaintiffs had shown a likelihood that they will succeed on their claim that the government violated the Administrative Procedure Act by promulgating the Interim Final Rules without advance notice and comment.  Americans United issued a press release announcing the decision.  Last week another federal district court issued a similar preliminary injunction. (See prior posting.)

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