What Really Happens When Superman Asks Batman To Partner Comedy Sketch

NSFW language!

Comic book and superhero obsessed Pete Holmes is back again after his recent and very viral Professor X Fires Wolverine In ‘Ex-Men: Wolverine’ Comedy Sketch that has managed to amass over 1.9 million views!

Now, the friend of College Humor demonstrates a more realistic outcome when Superman attempts to ally with the Dark Knight in this hilarious and trending comedy sketch

Why would Superman need help from a rich, crazy guy anyways?


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In late August, Bob “Filthy” Filner resigned from the San Diego mayorship following multiple allegations of sexual harassment. But while he lost his post, he didn’t really have to face more serious consequences for his serial pervitude.

Fortunately, today, he finally has to answer for something:


Well, it’s about time. But tweeters can’t help but notice something missing from the media’s reports:


Start the clock!


Wonder what that’s about.



Snark-attack! Lucianne Goldberg on why CNN didn’t identify Filthy Filner as a Dem (plus, bonus Ace tweets)

Wasserman Schultz, Democrats urged to condemn Bob Filner’s ‘headlocks full of women’

Twitchy coverage of Filthy Filner

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Meet Elena of Avalor. She’s the newest Disney princess, but that’s not what makes her special. She’s also making history as their first-ever Latina princess, and audiences couldn’t be happier.

It’s been almost 80 years since Walt Disney released his first full-length animated film, “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” in 1937, but not a single princess of Latin descent has taken center stage until now.

Latinos are the largest ethnic minority in the U.S. with 55 million people, and that number is growing. Elena is already making a difference by highlighting just some of the things Latino culture has to offer.

Princess Elena of Avalor. Disney Channel.

Elena is no damsel in distress or the type to sit around waiting for Prince Charming, either. In fact, her storyline does not include a love interest.

The story follows 16-year-old Elena, who’s been trapped in an amulet but has returned to rule her kingdom of Avalor and restore it to greatness. Because she’s still so young, she needs advice from the Grand Council: grandfather Tito, grandmother Cici, and adviser Duke Esteban.

Disney Channel.

We’re so used to seeing princesses like Aurora lying lifeless on a bed waiting for her prince to bring her back to life with a kiss. Or Cinderella being whisked away to the ball with a beautiful gown on loan to impress the man who will ultimately save her from a life of servitude.

Don’t get me wrong. We all love a good Disney movie, and their past films are truly classics there’s no denying that. But it’s a new era.

Aimee Carrero, who voices the character of Elena, told ABC News, “I think that as women, whatever ethnicity, we want a balance of everything. But I think this message when it goes out to a young audience, its like, find yourself first, before trying to find a partner. Find your passion. Find out where your place in the world is.

Here are some tweets celebrating the arrival of Elena of Avalor in her new Disney TV series.

Actress Roselyn Snchez is also a fan.

Another voice actor in the series, Christian Lanz, also weighed in on the new and exciting angle of “Elena de Avalor”:

And he has a little fun with the character he voices:

Even the show’s creator and executive producer, Craig Gerber, is getting in on all the social media hype by tweeting out teasers for what’s to come.

And have I mentioned the music? It plays a huge role in the series, as well. Each episode introduces a new original song, and audiences are loving them.

This tweet really sums it all up.

“Elena de Avalor” premiered on the Disney Channel on July 22, and 2.2 million viewers tuned it to watch.

It’s not just kids excited about this new animated series, either. Adults are digging it, too. They’re excited to see Latino culture celebrated, and Latino parents are overjoyed to see their children finally represented on such a massive platform like Disney.

Disney Channel.

“It is important for children to see empowered, positive role models on television, and that’s why we wanted to introduce Elena,” show creator Gerber told Upworthy.

He said it’s been amazing to see how Elena and her adventures are inspiring young girls and boys of all backgrounds.

Gerber also created “Sofia the First,” who was initially thought to be the first Latina princess, but she wasn’t. The backlash from that confusion gave Gerber the idea to create Elena’s story because he saw the demand for a Latina princess.

It’s a cause for celebration that Disney finally took note that Latino children also want and need to see themselves represented in movies and television and did something about it.

Kudos to Disney for green-lighting this series and giving kids who didn’t see themselves represented in their movies and shows in the past like yours truly a reason to keep tuning in.

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With the start of the new year you would think that everybody could accept the overused phrase “in with the new, out with the old” but it seems some trends we just can’t get the fuck away from. It’s like that fugly friend who thinks since you allowed her to come to your NYE pregame, you guys are like besties now. She left before the clock turned to midnight (she’s lame and had to meet up with her equally fugly boyfriend) so technically you haven’t seen her since last year and you really don’t plan on speaking to that TTH loser anyway. If only the same could be said for these trends.

  • 1. High-waisted jeans

    People need a major wakeup call because these never were and never will be flattering. Your ass would probably still look fat even if you lived at the gym for the entire month of January. Please put away the crop top and this hideous excuse for pants because I can still see your muffin top from across the bar.

  • 2. Nerdy glasses

    Half the people who wear these probably don’t even have a prescription. You’re not a hipster, you’re not nerdy-hot – you’re just a freak who thinks wearing big glasses will distract from your huge nose that your plastic surgeon just couldn’t fix.

  • 3. Sperry’s

    You’re not a middle-aged father so put these away. It’s 2015 AKA time for you to learn the name Christian Louboutin.

  • 4. Statement necklaces

    These fugly chokers can be compared to oversized bibs your grandma bought for you and made you wear. Only difference is now you’re not a toddler and have a say in what you dress yourself in so stop buying these eye sores that really just make you look even more flat chested than you did before.

  • 5. Nail Art

    Enough is enough stop drawing pictures of fucking flowers on your nails. Grown women everywhere are acting like kindergartners. How can you possibly ask your usual nail lady at your fav place that you want a chevron design on every other finger while keeping a straight face?

  • 6. Fast food fashion

    You’re not Katy Perry so stop dressing up as a Cheeto. Having the McDonald’s logo on your t-shirt doesn’t make it haute couture; it just makes you look tacky.

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