It can be fun to send selfies to friends, especially when you look all cute and stuff, wearing that duckface in a new outfit and — wait, where was I going with this? Right: Be safe online. And if you’re on the receiving end, don’t be the jackass who shares private photos around.

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While most of America sadly awaited the tragic details out of the second shooting at Fort Hood, some eagerly licked their chops at the opportunity to use the occasion to push for new gun restrictions. One such person is Shannon Watts, founder of “Moms Demand Action,” a gun control group.!/shannonrwatts/status/451503942221185024!/shannonrwatts/status/451573429003485187

In case anyone was unclear about Watts’ intentions, she retweeted this:!/roseperson/status/451517754253008896

Some on Twitter reminded Watts of an inconvenient fact about military base shootings:!/johneastborough/status/451501817181274112!/cshaw79/status/451502353057722370!/MartiniShark/status/451502690590531584!/KLWorster/status/451504933213196288!/mdtruth1/status/451508752882339841!/TiredOfTyranny/status/451531541458337792

Others had general words of disapproval for Watts’ denigration of our constitutional rights:!/anthmichcara/status/451493690830520320!/TracyJeffords/status/451502490115407872!/DefendWallSt/status/451538219356921856!/pfitz7/status/451502955074969601

Shannon responded to the criticism:!/shannonrwatts/status/451529074360741888!/shannonrwatts/status/451531836393799681

We’re more than happy to pray for the Fort Hood victims, but we’ll pass on the “#momsdemand #gunsense” stuff, thanks.



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If you never fail, how can you ever hope to succeed?

Failure is painful, but it’s necessary for you to accomplish great things. Think about every famous or successful person that you know. Sure, they’re doing well now, but that’s just because they refused to give up every single time they failed. Do you think they would have achieved so much if they had easily succeeded?  

1.) Isaac Newton.

2.) Akio Morita – President of Sony

3.) Walt Disney.

4.) Bill Gates.

5.) Elvis Presley.

6.) John London.

7.) Vincent Van Gogh.

8.) Oprah Winfrey.

9.) Jerry Seinfeld.

10.) Steven Spielberg.

11.) Chaplin Charlie.

12.) Winston Churchill.

13.) Harland David Sanders.

14.) Charles Darwin.

Wow, I can’t believe they said that about Walt Disney. Still not feeling motivated to go out there and fail? Here’s a bonus for you:

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It’s funny how you never hear about the failures along to way to success. Maybe that’s why so many people get so easily frustrated and give up. 

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Bikinis and mini-skirts may be commonplace in the Western world, but the Middle-East is a slightly different story. Countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran enforce strict modesty laws on women in keeping with Islamic tradition, and prohibit any skin other than the face and hands from showing. These restrictions even apply to Britney and Madonna, as it turns out.

Wearing sexy, revealing clothing is a great way to sell pretty much anything in North America. When these steamy images make their way into Islamic territories via media and advertisements, however, they’re required to be toned down before they can be released to the public. In most cases, religious police in charge of censorship – known as mutaween – just take a big old Sharpie to Mariah’s midriff or Shakira’s shoulders. Recently, however, they’ve started to get a little creative with Photoshop, and even made headlines last week for replacing a woman in a pool ad with a beach ball. A+ for effort!

Check out the best, the worst, and the funniest edited images for sensitive audiences below, and just try to tell us that J-Lo isn’t totally rocking those permanent marker pants.

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