The Newly Formed The Veterans News Network was decided to be constructed to give The Veteran a voice and platform they can air out their concerns, dealing with life after Active Duty and Active Duty dealing with issues in everyday format. Such as A Wounded Warrior getting hurt caught in a grey area not knowing if he is going to be deemed fit for duty or medically discharged. The proponent of weight for the network is current Veterans News as well as come current news to keep our Veterans informed of thing going on around them. We like to bring Veterans on and as well as VA and Other Key Leaders who can make an impact on Veterans Lives. Most important Our Combat Veterans give them a voice to express reason and mistreatment. These Combat Veterans have already earned their benefits and should be given the care,utmost respect after all some only laid down their lives and others injured in Combat. This is a Platform for All geared toward Veterans progression. Subscribe to Our Youtube Channel Like and Comment  Join and like Us on Facebook. Follow Us On Twitter and Instagram

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