Fulfillment. The name of the game here is fulfillment. Tell me something: Do you believe in change? I’m not sure I do. I want to! I know I believe in refinement. Processing. I believe in the whittling away as well as in patching things up. Is that change? Do subtle things count as change? How about HUGE things that have only shifted slightly? Did you know that the triangle is the symbol for change? Well now you do! It means change; mathematically anyway, which is not a language I actually understand, now you mention it. But that won’t stop me from speaking it!Idaho is just about to end its long, slow slog into spring. Idaho does this every year. It waits and waits and waits and waits until sometime in April when it suddenly decides to get its act together and make us some buds. And then, POW. Idaho in spring is absolutely heart-stopping, and I can’t wait. We’re not quite there yet. It’s shifting Refining. But it’s so so close. (I wrote a post on this once!)It’s going to be worth it when it comes. I just know it. We have a lilac bush growing out in the front yard of our new rental house, and I am holding my breath with anticipation for the day those buds finally burst. This year’s lilac haul is going to be food for the soul. I can tell already.But back to ME. Okay?Change, Completion, Fulfillment. That’s what the new addition on my wrist represents. The end of an era, the start of a new, the ability to thrive. I think those might be the primary elements of life. Yeah? Anyway, they’re the primary elements of my life. The choice to feel complete with what I have, the choice to find fulfillment in whatever the Universe sends to me. Choice. Change.Change, change, change.You know that dream where you discover a hidden room in your house and you’re all like, HELLS YES I GET TO DECORATE THIS! It’s amazing to me the power our stupid, flawed human brains have over us. And how easily we can shut it off for a moment and just breathe, if we can only find the switch. Or how easily it can expand, like that tiny dream door, hidden in the shadows all this time, and then BOOM. Or how easily it can run away with you. Land you in a hell of your own making.Anyway, could I GET any more obtuse?(Probably. You wanna find out?)Anyway, our local studio has some impressive talent, turns out. I miiiiiiight have one more in me? We’ll see. Something floral?Um, here’s a bit of excitement for you:hey huck!WOAH DID YOU KNOW THE APPALOOSA HORSE ORIGINATED FROM THIS PART OF THE PLANET?? Not to get too excited about it or anything, it’s just that, as much as I love lentils . . . (


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