Pinup models Shane and Sia Barbi identify as “Green Tea Party” activists and frequently use their Twitter feed to promote causes related to veterans and animals. This morning, the twin sisters spotlighted the story of an Iraq War veteran and his certified service dog, Jack.!/Barbi_Twins/status/372390245175529474

James Glasser says he brings his 3-year-old Jack Russell terrier everywhere to help him cope with the symptoms of PTSD. But when Glasser brought the dog to the Big I’s in Oxford, Mass., he says he was asked to leave. And by “asked to leave,” we mean he was reportedly told, “Get that f**king fake service dog out of my restaurant.”

How much emotional support do you need when you are eating breakfast?” asked restaurant co-owner and noted douchenozzle Russel Ireland.

A truly classy way to honor an Air Force vet who served this country for 21 years, huh? Ireland refused to apologize to Glasser and said he doesn’t “want him in my establishment at all.”

The Barbi twins asked followers to call on representatives to help heroes like Glasser. And since the story broke, Mr. Ireland has developed a huge P.R. problem on social media.!/AmberBarno/status/372392287461863425!/Hankography/status/371831505082777600!/bivange/status/372399344533913600!/Worcester_JLL/status/371819567103754240

After all the backlash, Ireland is rethinking his stance and admits he “overreacted.”!/swaddle24/status/372303882036461568

Glasser reportedly intends to file an Americans with Disabilities Act complaint.


Worth mentioning: The Barbi twins and Shane’s husband Ken Wahl are celebrity ambassadors for Hounds and Heroes.


‘Final salute’: Barbi twins honor slain WWII vet Delbert Belton; Ken Wahl, Charlie Daniels hit Obama

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