Costco is my one-stop shop for organic foods, plant-based snacks, and bulk health and wellness items. (I eat pretty healthfully, if you can’t tell! I’m a nutritionist, after all!) It’s also one of my favorite places to discover new things at a great price.

A lot of people say Costco isn’t the best place to try new things — if you don’t like something, you’re usually stuck with a lot of it — but I’m so rarely disappointed! I like to reserve around $15 per trip to put toward something new. This keeps my budget in check and, at the same time, lets me experiment a little.

Here are five Costco items I tried recently — and my honest opinions of each!


It might be hard to imagine that people born as late as 2000 — a designation known as Gen Z  — are already entering the professional workforce.
But they are, and there’s a few jobs in the tech sphere that 18- to 25-year-old workers are particularly excited about. Some of those jobs are even nearing the six-figure salary mark.
Comparably, a website that monitors the job market for trends, compiled a list of the 15 most popular tech jobs for Gen Z workers, ordered by average salary: 15. Customer service rep ($43,924)

A customer service rep is responsible for addressing any concerns or issues a customer may have, as well as answering inquiries and questions. 
14. Marketing associate ($50,185)

A marketing associate is an entry-level worker who will work on the marketing team to advertise and promote the business. 
13. Technical support manager ($50,306)

The technical support manager is in charge of the tech support team, which handles any issues with the company’s technology or systems. 
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Sprinkles! Sorry, it’s hard to say that word and not use an exclamation point after it. Just looking or thinking about them gets us excited for a party or a celebration. They are so fun! See, it’s happening again.

Okay, we are going to attempt to calm down in order to present you with this list. These are our picks for the best sprinkles out there, based on what you need — whether you’re making a simple cake or you want it to look like a unicorn exploded.


Sarah Carey, the editorial food director for Martha Stewart Living, has been making popular recipes with Martha Stewart for nearly two decades.
Carey shared with Business Insider the 10 most helpful tips she’s received from the culinary and home icon.

If you’ve had a slab pie recently, you can probably thank Sarah Carey.
She’s been creating recipes like this popular dessert with Martha Stewart for over 19 years.
Carey, who is now the editorial food director for Martha Stewart Living, gave Business Insider insight into the nearly two decades’ worth of wisdom she’s received from Stewart.
In Carey’s own words, here are the 10 most helpful tips and pieces of advice she’s learned from the culinary and home icon.SEE ALSO: Martha Stewart will never stop reinventing herself — here’s how she went from a stockbroker to hosting a cooking show with Snoop Dogg
1. Always taste your food while you cook

This is the first lesson Martha ever taught me. The very first segment I did for her was a white asparagus recipe with an orange sauce. I made the whole thing and followed the recipe as it was written in the magazine. At the end of the segment she bit into the asparagus, and she looked at me. She said, “This is really tough, did you taste this?” I was speechless and realized I hadn’t tasted it, and it’s an extremely, extremely important thing when you’re cooking.
2. Surround yourself with the best

One thing I have always said about Martha, she chooses the people she works with very carefully. She finds highly motivated, detail oriented, hard working and most of all, talented people to surround herself with. That is something I strive to do in my kitchen. Find people who want to and are capable of doing the quality of work that we require. It’s very challenging, but finding the best team is so rewarding.
3. Know why you’re doing something

The biggest lesson I learned when I was working on the show with Martha was to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Even if Martha doesn’t agree with it, she wants you to have a good understanding of why you’re doing something. You shouldn’t do something blindly because a recipe said so or because someone told you to do so. You should do it because it’s the best choice. Everyone should have that in life.
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