1. Police arrested George Westbrook, 23, of Compton and Lamar Mitchell, 43, of Pasadena for fighting in the line at the Pasadena Apple Store on Friday as hundreds waited outside to get the new iPhone 5C and 5S, The L.A Times reports.

2. It appears at least one fight was caused by a man fighting with people he had hired to stand in line who were upset about their pay, Pasadena police say.

3. Homeless people were picked up last night at a Los Angeles shelter in a van and promised $40 to wait in line overnight for the new phones at the Pasadena store. As fighting broke out, some told police they were not paid what they were promised.

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1. In last night’s game against the Toronto Raptors, Brooklyn Net Kris Humphries was about to take a free throw when NBA ref Courtney Kirkland realized he had given the ball to Humphries too soon. So he took things into his own hands.

3. Here it is in video form:

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The Da Vinci surgical robot is a new tool being used by surgeon to have extreme accuracy on a microscopic level. Dr. James Porter shows the effects of the Da Vinci robot by folding a tiny paper airplane. How small is the paper? As big as penny. That’s tiny.

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If there is one species that Earth’s oceans are abundant with, it’s jellyfish. Thanks to climate change and the general warming of the planet, our oceans are becoming a much more hospitable place for all sorts of jellyfish. However, there will always be those more mysterious and elusive sub-species.

Consider the stygiomedusa gigantea. It is a species of giant jellyfish that is among the rarest in the world. Over the past 110 years, there have only been 115 sightings. According to those who have studied it, stygiomedusa gigantea is one of the largest invertebrate predators in the world.

While its sightings have been rare, luckily a few of the recent ones have been by unmanned ROV vehicles, which allow us to get up close with these terrifying, majestic creatures.

Well, this is going to give me nightmares for a year.

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Look: Ryan Lochte’s mouth has a controversial past.

How could it not, between his American-flag grill, pictured above, and his (lack of) interviewing skills, as seen below? (“What defines me? Ryan Lochte.”)


But things have changed. Ryan Lochte clearly woke up this morning enlightened. He’s reached a new plane of existence. And he had this (these?) wise word(s) to say:

You can say that again. Please do say that again.

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