North Korea is taking time out of their busy schedule of military antagonism, synchronized dance routines, and human rights abuse to explore space.

TheDemocratic People’s Republic of Korea haveannounced a five-year plan to launch more advanced satellites into orbit by 2020, as well as an unmanned mission to the Moon, all under the command of supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

We are planning to develop the Earth observation satellites and to solve communications problems by developing geostationary satellites. All of this work will be the basis for the flight to the moon, Hyon Kwang Il, director of the scientific research department of North Korea’s National Aerospace Development Administration, told theAssociated Press (AP).

To date, the US is still the only country to have placed a man on the Moon. There have also been unmanned lunar missions carried out by the Soviet Union, European Space Agency, Japan, India, and China.

In terms of North Koreas technological power, these plans are ambitious. However, experts are saying that its far from impossible.

The totalitarian east Asian state currently hastwo satellites in orbit. The first was launched in 2012. In February, North Korea launchedanother satellite, the Kwangmyongsong 4, orBrilliant Star 4.

As astrophysicist and satellite expert Jonathan McDowell told AP, considering the rate of progress between the first satellite launches of both the US and USSR and their moon missions, its not crazy to suggest that North Korea could do the same in a short window of time. Despite the economic sanctions thathave piled up against them, the hermit kingdom is as brazenly confident as ever.

Hyon Kwang-il added: Even though the US and its allies try to block our space development, our aerospace scientists will conquer space.

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You probably know that ants can lift and carry objects many times heavier than they are themselves or cooperate effectively within their colonies but in fact, there are many more astounding curiosities about these little tiny creatures. From being the smartest insect in the world to having the ability to enslave other ants, these are 25 awesome facts about ants you probably didn’t know.

25. Ants evolved from wasp-like ancestors in the mid-Cretaceous period between 110 and 130 million years ago. It means they are as old as dinosaurs but unlike them, ants managed to survive.

24. Ant colonies range in size. While some colonies consist of just a few dozens of individuals, others can be formed from millions of ants.

23. Ants have colonized almost every landmass on our planet. With the exception of Antarctica, the Arctic, and a handful of islands.

21. Termites are often incorrectly considered ants but in fact, they belong to the order Isoptera which is closer to cockroaches than ants.

20. Some scientific studies suggest there are about 10,000,000,000,000,000 individual ants alive on Earth at any given time. Ants are estimated to represent about 15-20% of the total terrestrial animal biomass, which exceeds that of the vertebrates.

19. The ant queens can live for up to 30 years, which is about 100 times longer than solitary insects of a similar size. Workers live from 1 to 3 years.

17. The largest ant colonies are called “supercolonies”. They create giant ant hills and can be thousands of miles long. The largest supercolony covers over 3,700 miles, and has over 1 billion ants.

15. Ants are known to be able to lift and carry about 50 times their own bodyweight but a recent scientific research by The Ohio State University suggests it can be up to 5000 times their bodyweight which is really incredible.

13. Weightlifting is not the only sport discipline ants are good at; they are also good runners capable of running as fast as 3 inches per second. If a man could run as fast as an ant, he would be able to run 34 miles per hour.

12. With 250,000 brain cells in its tiny head, the ant is believed to be the smartest insect.

11. Ants do not have ears, but they hear by picking up ground vibrations via special sensors on their feet and on their knees.

10. Each ant colony has its own distinctive smell. Therefore, intruders can be recognized immediately.

5. Ants may be the only creatures ( apart from mammals) that can learn by means of interactive learning. There have been recorded cases of experienced foragers leading their “students” to newly discovered food. The follower obtained the knowledge through its leading tutor. The leader was even sensitive to the progress of the follower and slowed down when the follower lagged.

4. Antquarium, a special container for keeping ants as pets, sold all over the world, was originally developed by NASA for the purpose of research of animals in space.

2. Ants are capable of a wide range of moves such as jumping, gliding, or rafting. Some species are also notable for their ability to form living chains to bridge water or vegetation.

1. In some countries, ants and their larvae are eaten as a delicacy. The eggs of two ant species are used in Mexican specialty called “Escamoles”. The eggs are considered a form of insect caviar and can sell for as much as USD 40 per pound.

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GOP front-runner Donald Trump released a statement this afternoon clarifying that despite what he said at the debate last night, he will not“order our military or other officials to violate” the law or commit war crimes and that he would be“bound by laws just like all Americans”:

Trump had said at the debate last night that the military wouldn’t refuse his potentially illegal orders to, for example, kill the family members of terrorists or use an interrogation method worse than waterboarding, because he’s a leader:

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Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-Illinois) knows a thing or two about the military.

In 2004, while enrolled with the Illinois Army National Guard’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, Duckworth was called up and deployed to Iraq. She participated in a number of combat missions as the pilot of a Blackhawk helicopter before being shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade. As a result, she lost both legs and partial use of her right arm.

After recovering, she put her focus into Veterans Affairs activism, eventually landing the title of assistant secretary for public and intergovernmental affairs in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. In 2012, she ran for Congress and won. In 2016, she ran for Senate and won.

This photo from 2010 shows Duckworth when she was assistant secretary for Public and Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images.

When Donald Trump, a man who received five draft deferments during the Vietnam War, attacked transgender service members, Duckworth responded as only she could: from experience.

With reports circulating that the trans military ban, first announced via tweet in July, is making its way through official channels and inching closer to becoming reality, Duckworth shared a blistering note on Facebook about unit cohesion, trust, and national security.

When I was bleeding to death in my Black Hawk helicopter after I was shot down, I didn’t care if the American troops…

Posted by Senator Tammy Duckworth on Thursday, August 24, 2017

“When I was bleeding to death in my Black Hawk helicopter after I was shot down, I didn’t care if the American troops risking their lives to help save me were gay, straight, transgender, black, white or brown,” she wrote. “All that mattered was they didn’t leave me behind.”

“If you are willing to risk your life for our country and you can do the job, you should be able to serve — no matter your gender identity or sexual orientation. Anything else is not just discriminatory, it is disruptive to our military and it is counterproductive to our national security.”

Perhaps a war hero like Duckworth can get through to Trump.

So far it hasn’t been enough for him that the Department of Defense commissioned a 112-page report on the effects of allowing trans people in the military, finding that there weren’t any financial or medical reasons to ban them.

Maybe there’s hope that the voices of actual trans people who have served in the military might sway the president’s mind or that he can be convinced by his own words, which extolled the virtues of the military’s “shared sense of purpose” that transcended our differences, adding, “All service members are brother and sisters.”

Duckworth speaks at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Photo by Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.

If all that fails, however, Duckworth is prepared to push for legislation that takes this decision out of his hands.

“If the President enacts this ban, which would harm our military readiness, the Democratic and Republican Members of Congress who oppose this discrimination must enact legislation that prevents it from taking effect,” she says at the close of her statement.”

There’s no telling whether such a bill would have a shot of making it through Congress and avoiding a veto, but there’s hope. After all, a surprising collection of otherwise conservative lawmakers stepped forward to criticize Trump’s ban the day he tweeted it out. They may soon have the opportunity to take it beyond simple words and show their support through action.

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Donald Trumpgave his first extensive interview since being elected president, and the previewlooks like hes up to his old ways again.

The interview will air on 60 Minutes on Sunday at 7 pm ET where Trump will talk about his plan to immediately deport 2to 3million people from the States.

And yes, the wall is happening, although part of it may just be a fence.

Thousands Protest Against Trump

In a preview for the interview, Trump says,

What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers we have a lot of these people, probably 2million, it could even be 3million were getting them out of our country or were going to incarcerate. But were getting them out of our country theyre here illegally.

Speaking about the remaining, undocumented immigrants in the States, he added,

After the border is secured and after everything gets normalized, were going to make a determination on the people that youre talking about who are terrific people, theyre terrific people but were going to make a determination at that.

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Have you ever looked at something old and worn out and thought that it’s such a shame that it needs to be thrown away?

Some people definitely have the vision to see what a piece of furniture or older object looked like in its glory days. Even fewer have the willpower and knowhow to actually restore it to what it used to be. But there is a community dedicated to making one person’s trash another person’s treasure. These 23 transformations totally blew me away.

1. This thing looked pretty hopeless, but now it’s a beautiful addition to the front porch.

2. Some careful scrubbing and polishing went down and these numbers are shining again!

3. Brass candlesticks are hard to come by, so restoring this pair to its original glory is a worthwhile endeavor.

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4. Restoring tools and other work items used to be a necessity and is still a hobby for many craftsmen. This cement mixer from 1971 still has life in it yet!