A New York doctor wasaccused of ejaculating on a patient’s face while she was heavily sedated.

According to New York Daily News, the woman, 22, went to Mount Sinai Hospital just before 10:30 pm on January 11 due to shoulder pain.

She was allegedly taken into a private room where nurses gave her two pain pills, a shot to combat the inflammation and another shot of morphine.

Apparently, after X-rays were conducted, emergency physician and Iraq War veteran Dr. David Newman, 45, entered the room.

According to reports, the doctortold her he was about to give her a shot of morphine, to which the woman responded a nurse already had. The alleged victim said her arm soon began to burn, however, giving her the impression Newman gave her the shot.

She claimed Newman fondled her breasts while examining her backand thenturned his back to her and masturbated.

Rendered immobile from the morphine, the woman said she then felt what appeared to be semen on her face.

Newman is said to have wiped the semen off her face with a blanket and seems to have left the room right after.

The woman regained consciousness when a nurse and another physician, Dr. Andrew Jagoda, woke her up.

Before rousing the patient, the nurse allegedly asked a staffer,

What is wrong with her? Why is she like this?

According to the patient’s account, shewent to the bathroom and discovered Newman ejaculated on her chest as well.

Sources saidshe wiped the semen off with a gown and put it in a plastic bag to eventually be given to police.

She asked Dr. Jagoda to speak to his supervisor but ended up leaving the hospital when the physician told her his supervisor was Dr. Newman.

Dr. Newman wasreportedly questioned about the allegations and is barred from seeing patients until the NYPD investigation, also involving the Manhattan District Attorneys Office, is finished.

Mount Sinaireleaseda statement, saying,

This is a matter under investigation and we are fully cooperating with the appropriate authorities. We take this matter very seriously and are conducting our own internal investigation.

Dr. Newman is the author of Hippocrates’ Shadow: Secrets from the House of Medicine,” and, according to online bios, hereceived an Army Commendation Medal for his time in Iraq.

The book apparentlydiscusses how to improve the relationship between doctors and patients.

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