Oh, honey. Now you are just sad.

“I’ve got a plan?” Tell that to the millions of Americans who have had their plans, which they liked and wanted to keep, canceled.!/xMOLONLABEx/status/400009196596240384!/TheBenWalters/status/400013633045807105

Will a truthful billboard be on the horizon?!/Calle_Elefante/status/400012754247229440

Boom. Make it happen.

Tara McGuinness upped the staggering fail with this tweet on Veterans Day.!/HealthCareTara/status/400005037516017664

Never let an opportunity to exploit, even the nation’s bravest, go to waste!!/corrosion1/status/400008815053385728

Yep. Shameless and shameful, as always.

This Twitter user has a question for Ms. McGuinness:!/SHannitysHair/status/400228649666109440

Hmm. Funny that.

And another question for the win:!/HG_Pennypacker/status/399792564133310464


Keep tweeting, Tara. It’s really informative.

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