Peeking behind the curtain to see the process of game development is already a rare joy, but it’s even more unusual to see some of the flawed, erroneous moments that had to be polished out of a finished piece of work. Thankfully, Sony Santa Monica, the makers of PS4 hit God of War, have lifted that curtain for us in a newly posted video.
“Making a video game is difficult,” reads the YouTube description for the video, which showcases some particularly choice prerelease gameplay bugs. “Making a stable game that both pushes the capabilities of the hardware and creates a super immersive, no-camera-cut, epically-sized AAA gaming experience like the one seen in the new God of War, is vastly more difficult. This massive task, involving hundreds of people developing and implementing content simultaneously, which can often have a tendency to break things, definitely added to the challenge.”
Some of the glitches are the sorts of things you’d expect: hovering models, limbs going places where they shouldn’t, repeating lines. Others, though, like Atreus’ warping face and Kratos’ endless punches, make this highlight reel a hilarious viewing experience. More developers should share content like this — it makes it clear just how much work and struggle goes into these games, and how easily they could go terribly wrong.



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