It might be hard to imagine that people born as late as 2000 — a designation known as Gen Z  — are already entering the professional workforce.
But they are, and there’s a few jobs in the tech sphere that 18- to 25-year-old workers are particularly excited about. Some of those jobs are even nearing the six-figure salary mark.
Comparably, a website that monitors the job market for trends, compiled a list of the 15 most popular tech jobs for Gen Z workers, ordered by average salary: 15. Customer service rep ($43,924)

A customer service rep is responsible for addressing any concerns or issues a customer may have, as well as answering inquiries and questions. 
14. Marketing associate ($50,185)

A marketing associate is an entry-level worker who will work on the marketing team to advertise and promote the business. 
13. Technical support manager ($50,306)

The technical support manager is in charge of the tech support team, which handles any issues with the company’s technology or systems. 
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