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Cuts to military veterans benefits in December’s budget deal have outraged veterans groups, but as Congress and President Obama return to Washington this week, the cuts don’t appear to be going anywhere soon.

The budget agreement reached before Christmas puts into place a 1% across-the-board reduction to the cost of living adjustment for military pensions, a move that on principle alone has upset many veterans after 13 years of war. Veterans groups plan to push back against the provisions in the recent budget deal — but so far they’ve been met with radio silence from the White House.

“It is a big surprise for us,” said Michael Hayden, a retired Air Force colonel and director of government relations for the Military Officers Association of America. Hayden’s group has had “informational” conversations with the White House about the impact of cutting veterans benefits, he said, but so far has no insight into whether President Obama will come to their aide.

Top military brass below the president have also been a disappointment, Hayden said.

“We’re really kind of surprised the chairman [of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff] and the Joint Chiefs haven’t come out and said this is wrong,” he said.

But the groups acknowledge the focus will be on Congress even as they hope for the White House aid.

“[Congress] screwed this up, they’re going to have to fix it,” said Tom Tarantino, government affairs director at the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America.

“I would like to see the president be more vocal,” Tarantino added, praising the president on his advocacy for veterans and their families. “He’s probably been the most active president we’ve had in 50 years on this stuff. But I think this took everyone by surprise. I would like to see the president continue supporting our community.”

The veterans benefits cuts are proving to be the most controversial part of the bipartisan budget deal. The two prominent partisans who led the crafting of the deal, Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), have already agreed to remove the cuts to disabled veterans’ benefits, calling them a “technical error.”

But both Ryan and Murray have taken stands that make it hard to undo the rest of the cuts. Ryan has defended the cuts, saying they’re necessary to prevent the military from suffering sequestration cuts.

Murray, meanwhile, has said she’s open to replacing the cuts with other spending cuts equal to the $6 billion in savings created by retirees’ COLA increase, but is not in favor of dropping the cuts all together.

Hill sources on both sides said the White House has not pressured budget writers to repeal the COLA cuts or to stand by them. But some suggest the president’s signature on the budget deal, which in theory will prevent another round of fiscal crises in 2014, signals that he’s on the side of the cutters.

“President Obama signed the Bipartisan Budget Act into law,” a source familiar with the process said. “[Defense] Secretary Hagel voiced support for the law generally and the need for compensation reform specifically.”

The White House did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the veterans’ complaints.

The COLA cuts don’t go into effect until late 2015, a lead time that veterans’ groups say gives them plenty of time to help allied members of Congress who have condemned the cuts find a way out of them. And though they want the president to lend his voice to their efforts, Obama is so far not the focus when it comes to lobbying Washington to find its $6 billion in savings somewhere else.

A pressure campaign over the cuts launched by the MOAA and its allies before the bill passed last month was restarted Friday with a call for veterans to push their representatives of Congress to repeal the COLA cuts. Before the bill passed, the MOAA campaign and a letter sent by veterans advocate umbrella The Military Coalition included Obama among the recipients of the pressure messaging. In the latest iteration, the president has been left out.

“Our focus is to work on the Hill,” said John Davis, legislative affairs director at the Fleet Reserve Association and co-chair of The Military Coalition.

“It doesn’t surprise me that Obama’s not going to jump out and take a position one way or the other on this until he sees something moving,” he added. “It’s standard operating procedure for presidents. We’re hoping to force his hand.”

Tarantino expects the White House to go along with changes to the benefits cuts if Congress can find them.

“I am not anticipating a lot resistance from the White House. If there is resistance we will push back hard,” he said. “But I’m not anticipating a lot of resistance.”

Update (1:35 p.m.): An administration official provided the following statement to BuzzFeed, which leaves unaddressed the cost of living adjustment:

“The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 represents a compromise between Democrats and Republicans in Congress. As the president made clear, the law doesn’t include everything that he would have liked. Importantly, the law unwinds some of the damaging sequester cuts that have harmed our military, our students, and our seniors, and has acted as a headwind our businesses have had to fight. Without this deal, the Pentagon faced the prospect of additional cuts that would have further degraded our military readiness and support for our troops. The administration supports the effort underway to fix the unintended reduction in COLAs for working-age military retirees with service-related disabilities.”

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Time can be a weird concept to grasp.

Thanks to things like time zones, two events can happen at the same exact moment in two different places, yet technically occur at different times.

Plus, daylight saving time can also cause a lot of confusion about what time things actually go down.

Dont believe me, just ask Emily and Seth Peterson.

In the wee hours of November 6, the Cape Cod couple welcomedtwin babies into the world.

However, daylight saving time created a lot of confusion as to which one of the twins is actually older.

Emilys first baby boy, Samuel Peterson, arrived at 1:39 am, while the second twin, Ronan Peterson, was delivered 31 minutes later.

But by the time Ronan arrived, daylight saving time had already kicked in, thus,turing the clocks back one hour.

Surrogate Motherhood: Redefining the Modern Family [INSIGHTS]

So technically, baby Ronan was born at 1:10 am, therefore making the younger twin older than his first born baby bro, Samuel.

Yep, talk about a birth announcement that doubles as a serious riddle.

Apparently, births like this are a pretty rare occurrence because, according to a Facebook post from the Cape Cod hospital, one of the maternity nurses, Deb Totten, revealed this was the first time she had ever seen something like in her 40 years of working as a nurse.

As you can imagine, this daylight saving time paradox is causing a lot of confusion, and now the Twitterverse is going crazy over these daylight saving time twins birth order.

A lot of people are saying this whole ordeal is seriously bizarre.

While other Twitter users are trying to lend an explanation to those who are still confused about how the younger twin can actually be older.

Some people proposed a way to clear up the confusion by making a note of the daylight saving time debacle on the twins birth certificates.

Others poked fun at the strange situation by making jokes about the inevitable argument these brothers are going to have about whos really older.

Seriously, though, I think its safe to say that this guy is totally spot on about what these twins are going to have to deal with every time someone asks about their ages.

Why Falling In Love Is Never Like It Seems In The Movies

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A diet is really an eating plan implemented with the intent to lose weight. It includes restrictions on when and where its acceptable to eat, and what food to eat.

Now that were clear on what a diet is, lets understand this: Diets dont work.

Study after study has proven dieting doesnt do a thing when it comes to wanting to lose weight.

It may lead to temporary weight loss, but it wont last. Nearly everyone who loses weight from dieting gains it all back because a diet isnt a lifestyle, its a temporary life change.

Why Celebrity Diets Are Bullshit [Gen Why]

In the long run, dieting can only lead to disordered eating and can help foster unhealthy relationships with food.

Ive tried dieting many times, and I always end up feeling miserable and developing a short pattern of disordered eating after.

While many definitions exist, I define disordered eating as any type of mindset that leaves you feeling worthless, guilty, embarrassed, ashamed or any other negative emotion while and after consuming food.

Im somuch happier and more pleasant to be around when Im not limiting myself to what foodsIm allowed to enjoy.

There is the rare exception of people who go on diets and manage to keep the weight off, but I believe these people have sacrificed a portion of their mental and physical health to do so.

Personally, this is why I think diets fail: They dont take a persons mental health into consideration.

While yes, we do need food to survive, many foods (especially those for the holidays)exist mostly for pleasure. Sugar cookies, gingerbread men and chocolate truffles are meant to bring pleasure to the person consuming them.

Were meant to treat ourselves to enjoying taste.

Our society is obsessed with dieting, and this obsession only worsens around the holidays.Internet articles with titles like X Ways Not to Blow Your Diet at Thanksgiving are abundant throughout November and December, and Im sick of it.

Who cares if you trade in your kale salad for a sugary sweet potato casserole? Who cares if you trade in a spinach smoothie for some hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles?

You are allowed to treat yourself. You. Are. ALLOWED.

Theres nothing wrong with choosing vegetables over sweets, but you should be doing so for the right reasons.

If you genuinely enjoy broccoli more than cake, go for it. But if you enjoy cake more than broccoli, and still pick the broccoli because your inner voice is whispering to you youre a failure if you dont, you have a problem.

Food isnt something were supposed to obsess over. Its not supposed to dictate how we judge others or ourselves either. Its not supposed to control our lives and our well-being. Its supposed to keep us alive, and its supposed to bring us joy.

We have enough to deal with in our lives. We should be able to take an extra slice of pizza or an extra scoop of ice cream (or both) whenever we damn well please.

Your mental health is more important than your physical health, so put your brain before your body. After all, you wont have a body to use if your brain isnt in the right mental state to use it.

You are so much more than what you eat and how you look. You dont need to diet to feel good about yourself, you need to eat loads of food you love so youre not hangry at work or at home.

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Its Saturday and another night out with your friends.

Its fun, sure, but are you really making the most of it? Are you just going through the motions drinking, dancing, headinghome without raising your heart rate and toning those key muscle zones?

Why Alcohol Can Be Good For You [Body & Mind]

Millions of Americans out at clubs and bars each weekend are missing amajor opportunity for a solid cardio workout. These minor adjustments can help turn your ordinary night out into full-out cardio:

STRETCHING: Getting Into Your Goal-Weight Pants

Preparation with stretching is key for both your workout and your night out. Youll want to look hot, but also be ready to physically exert yourself.

Find some pants you really want to fit you, but clearly do not. Squeezing into these pants is a great stretch for your leg muscles. As you contort your body to fit intothem, make sure youre notignoring your arms.

Lift them over your head in a long stretch as you suck in places you didnt think you could suck in. The discomfort these pants will provide you all night will motivate you to work harder and burn more.

TIP: Choose a shoe that shows you came for Julies birthday but stayed to work on your muscle tone. An impractical heel is the perfect choice youll look hot and work those calf muscles more than you want to.

WARM UP: Finding Your Ride

The night is young and just beginning!

Youre dressed and ready to get that heart rate up. Jog to each black Toyota Camry on your street until you find which Uber is yours. This can take anywhere from fourto 40 minutes. Make sure to keep your joints loose and stay at a slow speed. Remember, were just starting and you want to pace yourself.

TIP: If you find your Uber before youre fully warmed up, tell your driver you forgot your wallet and continue your jog. Once he sees your dedication, hell understand.

JUMP SQUATS: Getting a Drink

The bar is crowded. How many calories are you burning standing still and waiting for the bartender? ZERO. This is the perfect time for a strength-building exercise.

With your legs shoulder-width apart, squat down and then launch yourself into the air. Land with your knees bent and not on anyone elses feet. Repeat this in sets of 10 until your drink is ordered and delivered.

TIP: Listen to your body when choosing a beverage. Do you need a vodka water to stay hydrated? A beer for carbohydrate-fueled energy? Let your liver speak to you.

ENDURANCE TRAINING: Dance Like No Ones Watching

Its all led up to this. Approach the floor and dont rely on your traditional dance moves.

This isnt about attracting a potential mate, its about BURNING FAT, BABY. Try some Latin dance footwork for agility. Maybe something bouncy, like a Polka. Did you learn anything in those kickboxing classes? Use it!

If any suitors come your way, make sure they know they are there for spotting purposes only.

TIP: Add extra weight by offering to hold everyones belongings. Friends, strangers, pile it on. The coats and bags draped around your neck and arms add resistance and intensify your workout.

COOL DOWN: Finding Your Friends

Wow, time has really gotten away from you. The bar is closing and you lost your friends on your third lap grapevining the perimeter of the dance floor.

Wandering aimlessly is perfect for cooling down your muscles, letting your heart rate return to normal and running into some of them by chance. You probably have most of their phones in the bags youre holding for them so its really your only option anyway.

If you dont find them, you dont need them. You are a warrior. Raise your arms in victory and shout your favorite inspirational movie lines until a cab agrees to drive you home. You deserve it.

TIP: Call Julie tomorrow and apologize for your behavior.

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Larry Downing / Reuters

WASHINGTON — As D.C. enters week two of the government shutdown, House Democrats find themselves in a very strange position: Most of them have now voted against funding nutritional assistance for women, national parks, the District of Columbia, pay for the National Guard, FEMA, veterans benefits, and cancer research at the National Institute of Health.

And they’ll tell you they are just fine with that.

Congressional Democrats have said from the beginning of the shutdown that they would not settle for anything short of a clean funding bill that reopens the entire government without any strings attached. Republicans have responded by introducing a series of narrow bills that would fund specific, highly visible parts of the government and nothing else. The GOP’s strategy is to force Democrats to vote against funding popular programs — thus convincing the public that the party of President Obama is being unreasonable.

“Hard to believe, but 164 Democrats voted against WIC yesterday. They would rather keep gov. shutdown than support WIC,” tweeted Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers after a House vote on funding nutritional assistance program during the shutdown.

Comments like that have left Democrats — who have long championed programs like WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) — infuriated and baffled to say the least. But they are also confident that no amount of Republican messaging can shift public opinion against them as the shutdown drags on.

“Everything that was up is now down, everything that was left is now right. It seems like it’s a bizarre divide and conquer strategy,” said Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell. “The tea party is maybe repenting for years of neglecting poor hungry children or veterans. It does feel like we’re in a strange land right now.”

Rep. Keith Ellison, one of the most outspoken progressives in the House, said even the vote to fund WIC was an easy one for him to oppose.

“No, it’s not hard because I know it’s not going anywhere,” he said. “People in my district and districts all over this country know who is for food stamps, they know who is for WIC, they know who is for education. [Republicans] cannot switch their identity that miraculously. They wanted to cut $40 billion out of food stamps two weeks ago. They are trying to get Democrats on bad votes. The American public isn’t stupid.”

“I don’t think anyone buys that Democrats are the heartless ones in Washington,” said Rep. Joe Crowley, a member of the Democratic leadership in the House.

It’s an uphill strategy for the GOP, considering it was Republicans who set the government on the path to a shutdown when they first insisted that any bill to fund the government would have to also defund or delay Obamacare. There’s now no clear plan for an end game. As one Republican lawmaker told The Washington Examiner last week, “We’re not in a situation that has been planned out and war-gamed and plotted.”

But in the short term, the latest strategy has caused a few dozen Democrats to buck party leadership on the piecemeal bills, giving Republicans some bipartisan cover. It also prompted an unforced error by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when he was asked about funding for cancer patients at a press conference. So far, the House has passed seven mini-funding bills, all of which Reid has said he won’t take up and the president has threatened to veto.

And talk to any Republican and you’ll get virtually the same message : We’ve done something to end the shutdown. They haven’t.

The exception to that pattern is a bill that guarantees furloughed workers will receive back-pay once the shutdown ends, which the president has signaled he will sign. A bill that guarantees pay for the troops was passed and signed into law before the government shutdown.

Democrats said Republicans’ strategy resemble the successful one the GOP employed during the sequester battle, during which progressives effectively caved. This time, they say, they won’t make the same mistake.

“Their strategy for sequester was to try and piecemeal it. They thought they could have their cake and eat it too. They are trying to have that same cake now with the shutdown,” said Democratic Rep. Steve Israel. “The sequester was damaging enough, but a shutdown of the entire government of the United States of America is a completely different matter. We’re not interested in continuing a game.”

The face-off will continue this week with the added pressure of a deadline for hitting the debt ceiling on Oct. 17. House Speaker John Boehner said on ABC this Sunday that the House doesn’t have enough votes to pass clean continuing resolution despite the fact that more than 20 Republican members have signaled they’d vote for one with House Democrats should the bill ever come to the floor.

“Let me issue him a friendly challenge. Put it on the floor Monday or Tuesday. I would bet there are the votes to pass it. We have just about every Democrat, 21 Republicans have publicly said they would. There are many more Republicans who have said that they privately would,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer, who followed Boehner appearance on ABC. “So, Speaker Boehner, just vote. Put it on the floor and let’s see if you’re right.”

But if the last week was any indication, that’s not going to happen. Instead, the House will continue to take up the piecemeal bills: On Monday they’ll vote on one to keep the FDA running during the shutdown, and later in the week one that funds Head Start educational programs. Boehner has continued to insist that it is the president and Senate Democrats who are responsible for keeping the government closed because they refuse to negotiate.

“[I]t’s my way or the highway. That’s what he’s saying. Complete surrender and then we’ll talk to you,” Boehner said of Obama. “It’s about having a conversation. I gave the Senate majority leader some advice at the White House about how to proceed. I gave him some advice over a week ago about how to avert this. And yet they refuse to do it.”

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Ever wonder how Kylie Jenner is able to snap the perfect selfie just about any time she picks up her phone?

Im sure her strategy begins and ends with being, well, Kylie Jenner, but there HAS to be a few other selfie-taking guidelines and principles she keeps in mind to ensure a flawless digital self-portrait.

After all, wouldnt you perfect your selfie technique if you had 78 million Instagram followers?! Not to mention, Kylie visited the Snapchat headquarters to celebrate having the most-viewed Snapchat account back in August.

Kylie Jenner took to her official website and app to share her selfie secrets with the world.

A new video clips description reads,

Wanna know my secrets to being a social media master? Trust me, theyre the keys to success!

While hanging out with sister Khlo Kardashian, the 19-year-old star then goes on to talk about how sunset lighting is an incredibly important part of mastering the art of the selfie.

It is then revealed that Kylie Jenner actually has her own Instagram manager (of course).

At one point during the clip, while she was looking through Kylies camera roll, Khlo asked,

Who takes all those for you?

Kylie then spilled the beans on her ultimate selfie-taking secret, saying,

Victoria! Shes my Instagram manager.

Yeah, Im sure that has A LOT to do with it! Still, there are a bunch of other tips and secrets you can implement without having your own designated Instagram manager.

Throughout the clip, Kylie talks about her favorite angle and how she preps her hair and her lips to capture the perfect shot. She also mentions that while photo editing plays a big role, its best not to go too crazy on the filters.

Kylie added,

I feel like people want to see my whole outfit, so Ill have my friends just take full body pictures of me in my backyard and then you have to edit them! Dont go too crazy [with editing], but its important.

Man, she knows ALL there is to know about this whole selfie thing, doesnt she? Ha!Maybe this explains why some people are still averaging a measly ten likes on their selfies.

Its safe to say no ones fucking with Kylies selfie game Well, maybe just one person. I believe her her name is Kim Kardashian. Didnt she somehow manage to snap over 6,000 selfies in one day while vacationing in Mexico?

Check out the clip above.

When You Realize You’ll Never Look Like Kylie Jenner

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Hillary Clinton has been trying to re-write the history of DOMA, and she’s also working on creating an alternate reality for the VA scandal (the one that Obama learned about from news reports):

At least she didn’t call the VA scandal a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.” Oh wait, she did in her own way:

Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton says the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) scandal is not as widespread a problem as coverage of the incident would indicate.

She said the problem is real, but cautioned that its not been as widespread as it has been made out to be on MSNBCs Rachel Maddow Show on Friday.

The former first lady blamed Republicans for using the issue as part of an ideological agenda and said they want the VA to fail.

Simply maddening.

A government report released last year contradicts Clinton:

In a scathing appraisal, a review ordered by President Barack Obama of the troubled Veterans Affairs health care system concludes that medical care for veterans is beset by significant and chronic system failures, substantially verifying problems raised by whistleblowers and internal and congressional investigators.

A summary of the review by deputy White House chief of staff Rob Nabors says the Veterans Health Administration must be restructured and that a corrosive culture has hurt morale and affected the timeliness of health care. The review also found that a 14-day standard for scheduling veterans medical appointments is unrealistic and that some employees manipulated the wait times so they would appear to be shorter.

As Hillary’s husband might say, it depends on what your definition of “widespread” is…

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This election hit a lot of people pretty hard, and its understandable if some still havent fully recovered.

Politics are personal, and this election cycle was long (too long), emotional and extremely divisive.

No one can blame youif youre feeling a little off.

How To Move Forward After The Election

But President Obama has a message for you if youre still struggling.

He wants you to know its OK to be sad, but you cant mope forever and hell be waiting for you when youre ready to join the fight.

During a telephone call with Democrats on Monday, the president spoke of his admiration for Hillary Clinton and outlined what he thinks needs to be done moving forward, Huffington Post reports.

The president acknowledged that the election didnt end the way a lot of people mightve hoped, but hes still proud of the example Clinton set especially for kids, saying,

I want to publicly say how proud I am of Hillary Clinton of a history-making race.

We did not get the results we wanted, but we took a step in shattering a barrier thats still there. And little girls and little boys are going to have a different sense of the possible thanks to her nomination and her candidacy.

The president added that the pride he feels over how Clinton fought during this election doesntmean the result still doesnt hurt. Buthe warned against falling into despair,

That doesnt mean we dont hurt for what was an unexpected loss. Expected losses are hard enough; unexpected ones are just worse. And thats OK.

I was telling my team: Youre allowed to mope for a week and a half. Maybe two if you really need it. But after that, weve got to brush ourselves off and get back to work. We need to come together and focus on a way ahead.

The president urged people to ask the tough questions, dig deep and do a little soul-searching about what happened here, but none of that means its time to give up,

It means that were listening to each other, were reflecting, were asking tough questions, were respectful of different points of view, were basing our decisions on facts and careful analysis.

Were taking the long view, and were strategizing.

President Obama might be at the end of his tenure, but hes still got a lot of fight left in him. He said,

The bottom line is: I dont know about yall, but Im still fired up and Im still ready to go.

This fired up line harkens back to a storythe president has told many times and something that happened on his campaign back in 2008.

If you havent heard the story, do yourself a favor and watch the video below. It will definitely cheer you up.

Remember this: If one voice can change a room, it can change a city, and if it can change city, it can change a state, and if it can change a state, it can change a nation, and if it can change a nation, it can change the world.

Are you fired up yet? Are you ready to go?

Thousands Protest Against Trump

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There have been some crazy theories as to just how armed robbers got into an extremely private hotel roomin Paris, wherethey stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry from Kim Kardashian.

One theory even includes that it was Kris Jenners plan all alongto overshadow Rob Kardashian and Blac Chynas baby Dream.

Since the terrifying robbery, Kim Kardashian has avoided the public eye, halting her social media presence.

In fact, the reality TV star has only been seen in public three times since the crime. The only updates fans have received are from her popular app, which is being updated by her friends and family.

However, fans are starting to expect that Kim staged the robbery in order to get a butt reduction.

OK, maybe theyre not really fans.

Pictures that were recently posted on Kims app by Robert Kardashian are being used as proof that the star received a butt reduction and took the time away from the social eye to cover up her recovery.

I mean, maybe its the angle?

You have to admit that the difference is apparent.

However, you also have to admit that Kim Kardashian went through a terrifying experience, and she may have lost weight due to post traumaticstress.

And, if she did get a butt reduction, it is probably best for the mother-of-twos health.

Hawk-eyed fans have noticed an indent on her butt a number of times, claiming that its from a botched butt job.

However, Kim says that she suffers from psoriasis, and has to get a cortisone shot to treat the skin condition.

Her dermatologist said that there would be a one in a million chance the shot would cause an indent, and that is the reaction she had.

While it does look a lot smaller than back in the day Kim K. could have just dropped a little more of the baby weight from her pregnancy with her second child with Kanye West.

When You Realize You’ll Never Look Like Kylie Jenner

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Not too long ago we introduced you to Brent Almond.

You know, that awesome dad who leaves illustrations in his sons lunchbox every day?

If youre like most kids, this dads drawings probably put the scribbled scraps of paper your mom used to leave in the bottom of your brown bag to shame.

Female Empowerment Group Helps Women In Need [Insights]

However, it turns out Almond isnt the only parent that sends his kids to school with some amazing lunch time messages.

Meet Meaghan Elderkin.

This Rhode Island based mom packs inspiring feminist quotes in her daughters lunch. Shes basically the Girl Boss hero every little girl needs in their life.

Ever since Elderkins daughter Holden started preschool, shes been tucking napkins into her lunchbox that double as hand drawn notes that embody female empowerment.

Now this mama is fighting misogyny one mid-day meal at a time.

Her incredible notes feature everything from empowering animal puns to cheesy mom jokes to the famous words of prominent women throughout history.

Plus, youll be glad to know Elderkin snaps a photo of her notes before packing them into her daughters lunch, and shares all her napkin messages on social media.

Elderkin got the idea for this fun lunchtime project from her mother, who also used to leave napkin drawings in her lunch box when she was a child.

However, Elderkin decided to put a positive spin on this sweet tradition by using her notes to teach her daughter about feminism during Donald Trumps presidential election campaign.

Elderkin told Metro,

I was having a really hard time coming up with anything positive or cheerful to draw on my daughters napkins after the election results last week.

I had brought both of my daughters to the polling place with me to vote, and I had been talking to my oldest daughter about the historical significance of electing the first female president.

After the election results came in, all I could think of was that we had let her down. So I wanted to do something to remind my daughter (and myself I think) that women are amazing and capable and brave, even though it may not always feel like we are.

Elderkin started making napkins that include little lessons from all sorts of incredible women that range from Susan B. Anthony and Amelia Earhart to Michelle Obama and Malala Yousafzai.

Her daughter Holden seems to be a pretty big fan of her moms feminist messages and even trades the napkins with her classmates at school.

According to Elderkin,

I think that regardless of the outcome of the election, its important to remind our children, daughters and sons, that equal rights should not be a political issue, and that girls can do absolutely anything.

Although the election is over, Elderkin will continue making motivating lunch napkins for Holden.

Plus, she also plans on drawing a second set of empowering napkins when her other daughter Elsa goes off to preschool this year.

If you ask me, this is one mother who definitely deserves a gold for her amazing work!

Daughters Share The Best Advice From Their Moms [LABS]

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