Evergreen, pine branches, dried goodies OH MY! These are the more typical (and lovely) ingredients we see going into wreaths and garlands this time of year. So, we thought we’d freshen things up a bit with this tutorial on how to incorporate fresh floral into this season’s festive decorations. Materials: Floralife Sure Stick Oasis Floral […]
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This post was created in partnership with Samsung. We’ve put together many gift guides over the years, including this year, but never in my life have I ever so fully endorsed a single gift for Christmas like this one. If you’re a designer of any sort, a minimalist at heart, an art-lover, or a Netflix […]
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A petition for certiorari (full text) was filed last week with the U.S. Supreme Court in Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of South Carolina v. The Episcopal Church, (cert. filed 2/9/2018).  In the case, the 5-member South Carolina Supreme Court in 5 separate opinions spanning 77 pages resolved a property dispute that arose after a split in the Episcopal Church in South Carolina. (See prior posting.)  The question presented in the cert petition is:Whether the

In Grussgott v. Milwaukee Jewish Day School, Inc., (7th Cir., Feb. 13, 2018), the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals held that the ministerial exception applies to prevent a former Hebrew teacher in a Jewish day school from suing for her firing in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.  Plaintiff taught first and second graders. In concluding that plaintiff should be classified as a

Again this year, Valentine’s Day is countering opposition from conservative religious leaders in some nations.  Voice of America reports that Pakistan’s  Electronic Media Regulatory Authority sent instructions to radio and television stations based on a ruling last year by the Islamabad High Court that Valentine’s Day is un-Islamic, spreading immorality, nudity and indecency.  PEMRA told its licensees:Respondents are directed to ensure that nothing about the celebrations of Valentine’s Day and its promotion is spread on the Electronic and Print media,

This paper proposes to tackle open-domain question answering using Wikipedia
as the unique knowledge source: the answer to any factoid question is a text
span in a Wikipedia article. This task of machine reading at scale combines the
challenges of document retrieval – finding the relevant articles – with that of
machine comprehension of text – identifying the answer spans from those
articles. Our approach combines a search component based on bigram hashing and
TF-IDF matching with a multi-layer recurrent neural network model trained to
detect answers in Wikipedia paragraphs. Our experiments on multiple existing QA
datasets indicate that (1) both modules are highly competitive with respect to
existing counterparts and (2) multitask learning using distant supervision on
their combination is an effective complete system on this challenging task.

Source: http://arxiv.org/abs/1704.00051v1