Yesterday President Donald Trump issued a Presidential Proclamation (full text) declaring May 2018 as Jewish American Heritage Month.  The Proclamation reads in part:The American Jewish community is a shining example of how enshrining freedom of religion and protecting the rights of minorities can strengthen a nation.  Through their rich culture and heritage, the Jewish people have triumphed over adversity and enhanced our country.  For this and many other reasons, the American Jewish community is deserving of our respect, recognition, and gratitude.


According to an EEOC press release, after a 3-week trial in federal district court in New York, a jury awarded $5.1 million in compensatory and punitive damages against United Health Programs of America, Inc. and its parent company for coercing ten employees to engage in religious practices, creating a hostile work environment for nine of them, and firing one employee for opposing these practices.  The EEOC, which filed suit on behalf of the employees, reports:CCG employees were forced to engage in a variety of religious practices at work, including prayer, religious workshops, and spiritual cleansing rituals. These practices were part of a belief system called

Footage has been released showing how officers stormed the hotel room of Stephen Paddock, the man who shot dead 58 people and injured 500 others during a music festival in October 2017. The shooting took place at the Mandalay Bay hotel and ended when Paddock killed himself Continue reading…


The host and the main UK broadcaster’s difficult relationship raises the possibility of all four days of the Masters returning to the BBC. Whatever happens will reverberate through the gameThe fact that Sky Sports and Augusta National have endured an uneasy relationship in recent times is not exactly top secret within golf circles. Of greater interest is the extent to which their alliance can be retained: there is now a realistic possibility of the Masters vanishing from the subscription channel’s coverage in 2019. That raises the intriguing possibility of the tournament returning to BBC television for four days – as opposed to the present two – which would cause ructions all the way to the R

A class action lawsuit was filed last week on behalf of 87 Christians, Mandaeans, and other persecuted religious minorities from Iran who (through family members in the United States) have applied for refugee status under the Vienna-based Lautenberg-Specter program. The refugee applicants are currently in Vienna. In February 2018 their refugee applications were denied en masse