for veterans!/FLOTUS/status/489499007761514498

Today, Michelle Obama gave the keynote address at the Unite for Veterans Summit in L.A..!/JoiningForces/status/489479078895173633

Veteran homelessness is indeed a serious issue that needs to be addressed. But you know what? So are sick and dying veterans languishing in the VA system. And FLOTUS made no mention of them:!/FLOTUS/status/489493444503425025

What about the idea that our veterans are spending months, or even years, waiting to be seen by a VA physician? Maybe, like her husband, she needs to find out about that stuff from the news. And with her busy social calendar, she just hasn’t had the time.!/FLOTUS/status/489494967509725184

And under this president, we’ve also watched corruption plague the Department of Veterans Affairs.!/FLOTUS/status/489497247831162880!/FLOTUS/status/489498012532494336

Our vets deserve a hell of a lot better than what this president has shown them.



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On Memorial Day we Honor those who Served.

All gave some.

Some gave All.

Thank you for your Service.

#1u .

— Marc Perrone (@Marc_Perrone) May 24, 2014

Anthony “Marc” Perrone is Secretary-Treasurer of the 1.3 million member United Food & Commercial Workers International Union. Unfortunately, he seems a bit unclear on the distinction between Veterans Day (to celebrate all veterans) and Memorial Day (to honor members of the U.S. armed forces who died in service to our country).

But that’s OK. President Obama doesn’t know the difference either.

Read more:!/rorycooper/status/469529380109430787

Yesterday, despite 33 Democrats who voted no, the House passed the Department of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act, which “would relax the standard bureaucratic red tape that makes it exceedingly difficult to fire government employees, even those implicated in an embarrassing scandal.”

Unfortunately, Senate Democrats weren’t quite so receptive to the prospect of accountability for VA employees. Today, Marco Rubio requested that the Senate take up and pass the bill. Vermont socialist Bernie Sanders, speaking on behalf of the Dems, agreed to … a hearing:!/GOPLeader/status/469534046025166848!/AndrewStilesUSA/status/469529962484338690!/rorycooper/status/469529706388529152

Followed by a pair of fundraisers. Because priorities, right? Like President Obama, Senate Dems clearly have a firm grasp on what matters. They’ll get to the vets eventually or something. When they’re done caring about the really important things:!/CRENpolitics/status/469569461008076800!/TheBrandonMorse/status/469558418848493569!/RBPundit/status/469566380824875009!/Tark31/status/469567672209141760


Our heroes deserve so much better than this.

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