Research In Motion has had problems lately — a plummeting stock price, high-profile executive exits and another delay of its next-generation smartphone platform, BlackBerry 10. But it has a plan. An alleged leaked document purports to show the company’s roadmap for BB10, and it has a couple of surprises.

The enthusiast site posted the document, provided by an “anonymous source.” Among other things, it shows RIM will launch BlackBerry 10 in Europe in early January 2013, with the U.S. getting the new OS and devices three to four weeks afterward, around the first week of February.

That makes a great deal of sense, since overseas markets have been generally more receptive to RIM’s devices, with better market share in place like the U.K. than America.

The BlackBerry 10 launch will include the touchscreen phone we’ve heard through various rumors, the “London,” as well as “Nevada,” a BB10 phone with a keyboard, something CEO Thorsten Heins promised at BlackBerry World in May. The names are likely just codenames, and two others are on the document: “Nashville” and “Naples.” The roadmap shows spring/summer and summer/fall launches for those, respectively, though there are no other details on those devices.

The document also says RIM will release a 10-inch tablet sometime in 2013, most likely summer. Codenamed “Blackforest,” this will likely be the rumored 10-inch PlayBook, a larger version of RIM’s current tablet, but running BlackBerry 10 software. The number “128” is visible next to the device’s name, which could be a reference to the device’s capacity, 128GB, but that’s highly speculative.

Until BlackBerry 10 launches, the only new device RIM appears to have planned is the PlayBook 4G, an LTE version of the current tablet, due in fall 2012. That device will get upgraded to BlackBerry 10, along with the current PlayBook, after BB10 launches next year.

RIM didn’t respond to a request for comment about the document, but the roadmap lines up with many of the rumors that have been circulating for months. However, even if it is legit, plans can change at anytime, as RIM’s most recent delay of BlackBerry 10 has shown.

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