Do we really want to be put in a position where we have to wonder if President Obama should start taking advice from Donald Trump? Don’t answer that before being reminded that this is the same president who said sending troops to West Africa to combat Ebola there was “what the stars and stripes are all about.”

How dumb is our president to send thousands of poorly trained and ill-equipped soldiers over to West Africa to fight Ebola. Stop all flights

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2014

Hey, leave the troops and their training out of this mess.

.@realDonaldTrump None of our soldiers are poorly trained. Amazingly offensive and dumb, sir!

— Scott Ruesterholz (@Read_N_Learn) October 1, 2014

@CDuplessis22 Most of the troops are building out hospitals, and these troops were trained in construction. They are more than able

— Scott Ruesterholz (@Read_N_Learn) October 1, 2014

@Read_N_Learn @realDonaldTrump poorly trained to fight ebola…not poorly combat trained.

— Clint Duplessis (@CDuplessis22) October 1, 2014

is @realDonaldTrump saying our military is ill equipped and poorly trained?

— Emily (@divineem) October 1, 2014

We’ll chalk that one up with Trump’s usual stupid tweets.

The United States must immediately institute strong travel restrictions or Ebola will be all over the United States-a plague like no other!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2014

An idea worse than Ebola?

"@kimgt15: @realDonaldTrump RUN FOR PRESIDENT! Save us!"

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 1, 2014


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GOP front-runner Donald Trump released a statement this afternoon clarifying that despite what he said at the debate last night, he will not“order our military or other officials to violate” the law or commit war crimes and that he would be“bound by laws just like all Americans”:

Trump had said at the debate last night that the military wouldn’t refuse his potentially illegal orders to, for example, kill the family members of terrorists or use an interrogation method worse than waterboarding, because he’s a leader:

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Donald Trumpgave his first extensive interview since being elected president, and the previewlooks like hes up to his old ways again.

The interview will air on 60 Minutes on Sunday at 7 pm ET where Trump will talk about his plan to immediately deport 2to 3million people from the States.

And yes, the wall is happening, although part of it may just be a fence.

Thousands Protest Against Trump

In a preview for the interview, Trump says,

What we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have criminal records, gang members, drug dealers we have a lot of these people, probably 2million, it could even be 3million were getting them out of our country or were going to incarcerate. But were getting them out of our country theyre here illegally.

Speaking about the remaining, undocumented immigrants in the States, he added,

After the border is secured and after everything gets normalized, were going to make a determination on the people that youre talking about who are terrific people, theyre terrific people but were going to make a determination at that.

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President Donald Trump bragged again about his law-making capabilities on Twitter the morning of Friday, June 23.

Echoing a prior boast, Trump touted the amount of bills he has signed into law.

However, while the White House has touted the president’s historic accomplishment and while Trump himself has impliedhe’s gotten more done than others at similar points in their presidencies an analysis from NPR shows what Trump has actually accomplished: Not much.

The bulk of Trump’s work hasbeen measures that reverse things former President Barack Obama tried to do. Other bills signed, meanwhile, have been of modest and narrow import, like theDepartment of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017, which impacts how easily employees at the VA can get fired.

In other words,Trump has yet to achieve a signature moment legislatively; i.e. working with Congress to get a major bill through the House and Senate, and then signed into law.

Both Trump and the White House have implied otherwise.

During a lunch last week with members of Congress, the president said,

We passed and signed 38 pieces of legislation, which nobody likes to talk about. I think probably seldom has any President and administration done more or had more success so early on, including a record number of resolutions to eliminate job-killing regulations.

The president’s tally of bills signed, however, is not a rarity. As NPR points out, both former presidents Bill Clinton and his predecessor George H.W. Bush signed over 40 bills into law at similar points of their tenures.

Jack Gruber-Pool/Getty Images

Trump could sign his first, major piece of legislation soon, if the GOP’s efforts to pass a new healthcare bill are ultimately successful.

For the time being, though, the president’s administration is still lacking its first signature piece of legislation, particularly one that fulfills a key campaign promise like a bill that secures funding for a new border wall or a bill that achieves tax reform.

That all means that yet another one of Trump’s boasts was a little bit off. In other news, water is wet.

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Even though it feels like its been well over a century since Donald Trump took the oath of office and officially became the president of the United States, weve only just reached the end of his first 100 days.

In approximately three months, Trump has managed to begin the construction of a border wall between the US and Mexico, issue an executive order that temporarily banned citizens of seven Muslim nationsfrom entering our country and helaunched the first ever direct attack against the Syrian government.

Hes done plenty more than that since entering the White House back in January, but my post-election anxiety is starting to flare upagain, so we can just stop there for now.

If youre feeling like the country is going to absolute shit, theres still a glimmer of hope.

The resistance against Trump has been tireless in reminding us that he and his administration are not normal, and thatits more important than ever to stand up for your rights.

And whos leading that resistance?


Here are 100 amazing women who have stood up to President Trump during his first 100 days in office.

1. Lauren Duca

Her Teen Vogue op-ed rightfully tore Trump to shreds for gaslighting America.

2. Barbara Lee

As a US Representative for Californias 13th congressional district, Lee is one of many elected officialswho boycotted Trumps inauguration.

Shes also made it a point to call attention to Trumps hateful rhetoric and his divisiveness.

3. Sally Yates

The former Attorney General who was fired by Trump after she refused to enforce his travel ban.


4. NydiaVelzquez

Velzquez is a Puerto Rican Congresswoman, who swiftly made her way to John F. Kennedy International Airport to help travelers affected by the travel ban.

5. Cecile Richards

The president of Planned Parenthood said, If women are assessing the first 100 days of this president, its been a big zero.

6. Melanie Watson

A woman who considered herself a lifelong Republican, but has since said she cant stay in a party that didnt stand up to Trump, and thats willing to support him as president.

7. Elizabeth Warren

Lets be real; the list wouldnt be complete without her. Shes both relentless and fearless in her resistance against Trump.


8. Desiree Kane

Shes a badass Native American activistwho has dedicated her time to protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

9. Leslie Knope

Yeah, whatever, she may be a fictional character, but her letter to America after Trump won the election was absolute gold.

10. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

I will be one hell of a check and balance on him.

11. Representative Linda Snchez (CA-38)

When Trump issued an executive order rolling back the Clean Power Plan, she fired back, Today is another example of how President Donald Trumps policies are not helping Americas working families.

12. Representative Judy Chu (CA-27)

She may have boycotted Trumps inauguration, but when she attended his address to both houses of Congress,she brought alongan Iranian student affected by the travel ban.

13. Chelsea Handler

Who could forget this hilarious picture?

14. Tamika Mallory

A national co-chair of the Womens March on Washington.

15. Alicia Garza

A co-founder of Black Lives Matterwho has said Donald Trump is not about law and order.

16. Bonnie Watson Coleman

The Congresswoman called thetravel ban an illustration of how unfit Trump is.

17. Kamala Harris

In her newly elected role as a junior US senator from California, Harris hasvowed to protect immigrants, both legal and illegal, on all fronts in the era of Trump.

18. Megyn Kelly


Even though she used to work for Fox News, Kelly has since called attention to Trumps attempts to bribe journalists into publishingfavorable coverage of him.

19. Rosie ODonnell

This woman will troll Trump until the day he dies.

20. Teresa Shook

The Hawaiian grandmotherwho started the Womens March with a simple Facebook event.

21. Gloria Steinem

Yall know this queen. Shes always been a force to be reckoned with, but since Trump took office, shes made it her mission to resist everything he stands for.

22. Phoebe Pearl

The beautiful Rockette who made sure everyone knew she was completely and utterly embarrassed to perform at Trumps inauguration.

23. Tricia Kelly

The freelance hairstylist stood her ground and refused toprovide her services to the Trump women for the inauguration.

24. Rebecca Ferguson

She was asked to sing at Trumps inauguration, but said shed only do so if she could sing a song called Strange Fruit, which is a protest song about the lynchings of African Americans.

25. Letitia James

Shes a New York City Public Advocate who recentlyunveiled a plan to block business and pension dollars for companies that would help Trumps construction of the wall.

26. US Representative Maxine Waters

The California Democrat has been anything but silent in calling for Trumps impeachment.

27. Senator Patty Murray

President Trump should work with us to focus on actually keeping our families safe, not on dangerous, divisive, and hateful actions that betray our American values.

28. Meryl Streep


We bowed down to this queen when she called out Trump at the Golden Globes.

29. Paulina Helm-Hernandez

The queer femme artist and co-director of the queer liberation group Southerners on New Ground has been a strong advocate for sanctuary cities threatened by Trump.

30. Sophie Theallet

She called for a fashion boycott of Melania Trump.

31. Christine Ahn

Ahn is a peace activist and organizer for WomenCrossDMZ, who has called for Trump to de-escalate tensions with North Korea.

32. Emily Gallagher

Shes the co-organizer of the Williamsburg chapter of Solidarity Sundays, which is an activist meet-up program that aims to resist the president.

33. Ryan Kuonen

Kunoen joins Gallagher as another co-organizer of Solidarity Sundays.

34. Carmen Perez

A national co-chair of the Womens March on Washington.

35. Janet Mock

Mock has been a leader in the transgender community for a while now, but shes recently focused her efforts on helping transgender kids navigate the Trump era.

36. Jennifer Holliday

REX/ Shutterstock

The Dreamgirls star backed out of a scheduled performance at Trumps inauguration. Yaaas, queen!

37. Linda Sarsour

A Brooklyn-born Palestinian-American-Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist who also serves as the national co-chair of the Womens March on Washington.

38. Mirriam Seddiq

An attorney who helpedincoming travelersat Dulles airport who were affected by Trumps travel ban.

39. Ann Donnelly

The first federal judge to officially block Trumps travel ban.

40. Leonie Brinkema

A federal judge who blocked Virginias enforcement of the travel ban.

41. Allison Burroughs

Another fearless federal judge who wasnt afraid to block the executive order banning citizens of seven Muslim nations from entering our country.

42. Judith Dein

Yet another federal judge who stood up against the hateful executive order. As you can clearly see, female judges beat their male counterparts to the punch on this front.

43. Patrisse Cullors

As a co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, Cullors is doing everything in her power to mobilize the BLM movement against Trump.

44. Kirsten Gillibrand

TheUS Senator has made her opposition clear by voting against nearlyevery single one of the presidents Cabinet picks.

45. America Ferrera

REUTERS / Lucas Jackson

The actress delivered an incredible speech at the Womens March on Washington, in which she passionately rejected Trumps hateful agendas.

46. Assemblywoman Sheila Oliver (D-Essex)

Oliver is part of the newly formedWomen Against Sexual Harassment coalition, and continues to resist this continuing saga involving Trump and his attacks on and against women is extremely troubling.

47. Winnie Wong

The co-founder and Internet MOM of #FeelTheBern (People For Bernie) has repeatedly called attention to Trumps lies to the American public.

48. Kozue Akibayashi

The International President of Womens International League for Peace and Freedom has calledfor peace on the Korean peninsula in the wake up of Trumps threats of nuclear war.

49. Rihanna

She called Trump an immoral pig after he issued the executive orderenforcing the travel ban. She also showed up to protestat New York Citys womens march.

50. Leslie Dotson Van Every

The California activist was one of the many women behind Solidarity Sundays.

51. Kate Schatz

Another female brainchild behind Solidarity Sundays.

52. Jennye Garibaldi

She also helped expand Solidarity Sundays after Trump was elected.

53. Munira Ahmed

John Haltiwanger

The face of the Trump resistance.

54. Jessica Sabogal

This Colombian-American muralist helped design the prints used forthe We the People campaign.

55. Illma Gore

She protested Donald Trump with a haunting, bloody mural.

56. Jennifer Pierotti Lim

The co-founderof Republican Women for Hillary who planned a dinner for conservative women who felt left behind following Trumpselection.

57. Stephanie Schriock

Shes thepresident of EMILYs List, a womens political action group, and shes announced she will present her organizations annual award to the Womens Resistance to President Donald Trump.

58. JK Rowling


Leave it to our favorite female author to come up with the best insults about Trump.

59. Raquel Willis

Willis is a black, transgender queer activistwho referred to Trump as someone who was once a threat but is now a painful reality.

60. Evan Greer

Shes a queer activist who has made it her goal to make the Womens March movement more inclusive for the transgender community.

61. Kelly Ramirez

An ecologist who helped draft an open letter from scientists defending inclusivity and the scientific process, including the pressing need to fight climate change.

62. Jane Zelikova

A co-founder of 500 Women Scientists,a movement with the same mission.

63. US Representative Grace Meng

Another elected official who decidedto boycott Trumps inauguration.

64. Tammy Duckworth

Not only is she a member of the US senate, shes also an Iraq War veteran who lost her legs in combat. Shes been extremely vocal on multiple fronts in the resistance against Trump.

65. Elizabeth Zeldin

A protest organizer who made sure to call out Senator Chuck Schumer on his early support for Trumps Cabinet.

66. Nelini Stamp

The membership director of the Working Families Party once said, People are going to keep showing up to demand their lawmakers stand up to Trump and his agenda.

67. Lena Dunham


The controversial actress has been anything but quiet in resisting the president.

68. Krista Suh

A co-founder of the Pussyhat Project.

69. Jayna Zweiman

Another co-founder of the Pussyhat Project.

70. Kat Coyle

The female brainchild behind the design of the famous pussyhats.

71. Melissa McCarthy


Need I say more?

72. Wendy Davis

Davis is a lawyer and Democratic politician whos known for her legendary filibuster to prevent restrictive abortion regulations in Texas.

Shes weighed in on Trumps blatant misogyny on more than occasion.

73. Leslie Sudock

Sudock owns a textile studio in South Philadelphia, and she helped produce pussyhats in preparation for the Womens March on Washington.

74. Isabella Lovin

The deputy PM of Sweden totally trolled Trump and his white-and-male-AF administration with an amazing all-female photo.

75. Kerry Washington


The Scandal star wore a safety pin to the Screen Actors Guild Awards as a show solidarity for people affected by Trumps hateful presidency.

76. US Representative Karen Bass (D-CA 37th District)

Among several other women, Bass wore white to Trumps address to Congress asa way to express unity with women who have protested against Trump.

77. Lady Gaga

The pop star protested outside of New York Citys Trump Tower after the election.

78. Evvie Harmon

Aglobal co-coordinator of the Womens March on Washington.

79. Mrinalini Chakraborty

She immigrated to the US from India almost a decade ago, and shes since become the state co-coordinator of the Womens March on Washington.

80. Susan Sarandon

The actress has called Trump so clumsy and so bad at putting together policies that now everyone is awake.

81. Danai Gurira

Gurira used her platform as an actress on The Walking Dead to implore women to run for office in the Trump era.

82. Breanne Butler

A global co-coordinator for the Womens March on Washington.

83. Janelle Monae


The singer-songwriter spoke at the Womens March and demanded of the president, Get off our areolas; get off our vaginas.

84. Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs

As a fashion designer and the Womens March Youth Initiative Coordinator, shes kicking ass when it comes to both the resistance and life in general.

85. Shakira

She wrote an open letter calling on America to protect our people following Trumps travel ban.

86. US Representative Susan Davis (D-CA 53rd District)

Davis wore white in solidarity with women at Trumps address to Congress, and shes called the Muslim ban a policy based on fear, not strength.

87. Debra Sands

The middle school teacher was one of thousands of women to participate in A Day Without A Woman and delivered this powerful quote: This past years election made me realize that voting in November isnt enough.

88. Sherry Amatenstein

Amatenstein is a therapist who publicly admitted toadding her name to a petition calling for Trump to be removed from office for what many believe is his mental illness.

89. Samantha Bee


The Full Frontal host has never held back from calling out Trumps many blunders, and her Not the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend will surely carry on that resistance.

90. Bob Bland

A national co-chair of the Womens March on Washington.

91. Kristin Bronson

Kristin Bronson is a Denver city attorney, whos dedicated her actions to helping undocumented immigrants who are victims of domestic abuse and are afraid to pursue their cases in court for fear of being caught by ICE and thus facing deportation.

92. Shannon Coulter

Shes the co-founder of the #GrabYourWallet boycott, which encourages shoppers not to spend their money on any retailers who do business with the Trump family.

93. Susan Radant

A psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist and director of the Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute who signed the petition to remove Trump from office for his perceived mental illness.

Shes said theres too much at stake to be silent any longer.

94. Sophie Ellman-Golan

Shes a #JewishResistance activist who was arrested during protests at Columbus Circlein New York City.

95. Barat Ellman

Yep, those last names arent a coincidence. Barat is Sophies mom, and shes also been arrested while protesting against Trump.

96. Rabbi Jill Jacobs

Shes the executive director of Truah, a rabbinical group that organized the rabbisprotest against the president.

97. Judy London

Shes the Directing Attorney of Public Counsels Immigrants Rights Project, and she contributed her services to help people affected by the travel ban.

98. Melanie Zuch

Another amazing female attorney who fought Trumps immigration ban.

99. Vanessa Wruble

The Director of Operations for the Womens March on Washington.

100. Laverne Cox

Getty Images

Shes used her platform to advocateto help protect the transgender community in Trumps America.

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With the election of Donald Trump, theres been ample time for reflection. And boy, have we reflected. This race was especially hard for me as a die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter.

You heard right; I am one of the few die-hard Hillary Clinton people. I wasnt a Bernie person making my second choice. Ive admired Hillary Clinton ever since I was a child. She came to my school in Brooklyn in 1999 when she was running for the Senate. I was in the chorus and we sang for her. She even knew the song!

Somewhere between my mind in my heart, I still hold out hope that maybe one day she could be our president. But on to our sharpening reality

This race was about many things, including xenophobia, misogyny and bigotry. This race was also about class warfare. If liberals come away with anything from this loss, it needs to be this: We must stop letting the elite in our movement be the voice of our movement.

Lena Dunham, Robert De Niro and Miley Cyrusare just a few of the celebrities who have expressed their disappointment and fear over the election of Donald Trump.

Heres the thing: Dunham, De Niro and Cyrus have more money than God. They will be fine. When youre a certain amount of rich, the president tends to become irrelevant.

As Mitt Romney said during his first presidential debate with President Obama, The rich are going to be fine no matter which one of us is president.

Thousands Protest Against Trump

You know who needs to be fearful of a Trump administration? People like me! People like us! People of color, women, mixed race, liberal and poor. The decisionsPresident Trump makes or wont make will most likely affect me and my peers.

Does Lena Dunham have Obamacare? Probably not. I do; I work four part-time jobs, so my ability to get insurance through an employer ispretty much out of the question.

I know as women, Ms. Dunham and Cyrus are appalled about how the next president has spoken about women and his treatment of women. I am too. Such behavior is unbefitting of a human being let alone a president.

But let me get one thing straight: Lena Dunham will not have to worry about President Trump or any mans advances. Shes rich; she can hire bodyguards.No ones grabbing her without permission.

You know who I feel bad for? Every woman whocant afford to hire bodyguards, who walk down the street every day, and are targeted by perverts who are emboldened by our new president. My mother cannot afford such protection, neither can my aunts, sister, cousins or female friends.

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Democrats have definitely been having a rough year.

On Wednesday, the political party suffered a serious blow when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election to her controversial Republican opponent, Donald Trump.

Plus, many conservative senators, includingRob Portman of Ohio, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, Roy Blunt of Missouri and Richard Burr of North Carolina secured their seats, keeping the senate under Republican control.

Now that Trump and theRepublicans are basically calling all of the shots, many liberals are worried about the fate of Planned Parenthood funding, the Paris Climate Agreement andthe Affordable Care Act.

Thousands Protest Against Trump

However, it turns out Democrats might have one last chance to flip aSenate seat.

Allow me to introduce you toFoster Campbell akathe one guy who could possibly save us from Donald Trump.

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