With everyday bringing election time closer and closer, the spot light now has a permanent spot on Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. 

Which is giving  even more fuel to work with for their ridiculous, obviously wrong lip syncing shenanigans


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In America, Poles already have the negative stereotype for acting foolish, so videos like this really cut deep. A Polish man trying to snow-blow his street accidently had the snow chute pointed forward and a man in an apartment upstairs caught him on camera. Over and over, he keeps re-doing the same strip as he keeps covering it with snow. Kind of like a metaphor for life. The video is especially trending in Poland, and is featured on VideoGum, Arbroath, and TheDailyWhat


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Most of the world has quickly forgotten the once huge ‘Chris Brown beating up Rihanna’ controversy. While performing at the MTV VMA’s, Chris Brown wowed the crowd, while his fans cheered him on. But there was one man who seemed very unimpressed. While celebrities like Kanye West were dancing along and cheering Brown on, Jay-Z sat with a very sulky look on his face. I don’t think Jay-Z has forgotten about Rihanna. The video is shared by Gavon.   


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