If you never fail, how can you ever hope to succeed?

Failure is painful, but it’s necessary for you to accomplish great things. Think about every famous or successful person that you know. Sure, they’re doing well now, but that’s just because they refused to give up every single time they failed. Do you think they would have achieved so much if they had easily succeeded?  

1.) Isaac Newton.

2.) Akio Morita – President of Sony

3.) Walt Disney.

4.) Bill Gates.

5.) Elvis Presley.

6.) John London.

7.) Vincent Van Gogh.

8.) Oprah Winfrey.

9.) Jerry Seinfeld.

10.) Steven Spielberg.

11.) Chaplin Charlie.

12.) Winston Churchill.

13.) Harland David Sanders.

14.) Charles Darwin.

Wow, I can’t believe they said that about Walt Disney. Still not feeling motivated to go out there and fail? Here’s a bonus for you:

(Via: Full Punch)

It’s funny how you never hear about the failures along to way to success. Maybe that’s why so many people get so easily frustrated and give up. 

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