John Oliver Discusses The Lottery

Everybody dreams of winning the lottery, but most realize that it’s a fantasy that will never come true. Still, millions of people spend billions of dollars each year on lotto tickets chasing the idea of becoming a quick millionaire. That’s fine, but should the government really be in the gambling business, promoting the lottery as a positive force for the community? John Oliver doesn’t think so. 


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When Owen Reese Peterson went to the Department of Veterans Affairs in Talihina, Oklahoma, to get treatment for an infected wound, he never left.

The 73-year-old veteran was there for at least three weeks, but he eventually died from sepsis, a life-threatening complication of an infection that can lead to tissue damage and organ failure. What’s disturbing about his stay at the VA hospital is that before he died on October 3, maggots were found crawling all over his wound.

Executive director Myles Deering said that Peterson did not die because of the maggots, but a physician’s assistant and three nurses have resigned as a result.

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Peterson’s son, Raymie Parker, says that his father wasn’t getting the proper care he needed during his time at the facility. While he said that the nurses were great, he was far from impressed with the senior staff.

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It was 54 year-old Jon Lewis Alexander who politely told a man in the liquor store where he worked to please smoke outside.

The man instead decided to try and be a bad ass by demanding that Alexander hand over all the stores money as he reached back to pull out a gun on the clerk. Bad move buddy. This piece of garbage ends up getting a quick draw on his ass as Alexander shoves his own gun right in the guys face! The guy nearly pissed himself as he is a split second away from getting his head blown off. He backtracks and gets out of there.

Alexander is a 4-tour Iraq war veteran who neutralized this threat as quickly, calmly and effectively as you can. And he didnt even have to shoot the scumbag!

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