16 Responses to “Anyone remember this guy?”

  1. JingleHeimerSchmidt

    “I was attacked by some basilisk in the library, so dumb, so dumb, so dumb so” – Hermione Granger

  2. lovechildofgarybuseyandnicholascage

    I disagree. I think that Snape really, really likes his bandana.

  3. nightincairo

    That bit of the film was filmed in Gloucester cathedral, next door to my school 😀

  4. SultryKoala

    I’m from Huntsville, Alabama, where he is from, and everybody I know is embarrassed that he lives here…

  5. literofcola

    This guy owes me $40. I ordered an Antoine Dodson Halloween costume from his website and never got it!

  6. Nickito

    So you can run, cast spells at, run, cast spells at, run, cast spells at, homeboy, homehomehomeboy


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