Best of September

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Happy fall!
It’s been a wonderful month of September for me, full of exciting projects and bursting with fresh ideas. Here are some highlights.
• I have scheduled a full day of recording later this month, to capture the material needed to craft my pre-order bonus for Tasting Paris. Tasting Paris is my new cookbook that will come out in North America* on March 20, and to reward early buyers of the book, I am putting together an exclusive bonus that I think you will like very much.
(Anyone who orders the book before March 20 will get it, so you can pre-order it as soon as you like; you’ll just need to email the receipt to a dedicated address when I announce the pre-order bonus is ready.)

• I started writing a novel — something I’ve been wanting to do for 30 years — and I am working on it daily in short bursts of Wild Writing (a technique taught by Laurie Wagner) and I am planning to participate in NaNoWriMo. Have you ever taken part? Have you written novels yourself? Do you know how impressive that is?
• I’ve been writing for MindBodyGreen, a popular lifestyle and wellness website, and in my most recent article I share The Instant Cold Remedy French Women Rely On — it’s great as a preventative measure, too.
You may also enjoy this Secret Ingredient That Calms Anxiety And Inflammation and What I Eat In A Day.
• My poem for this month is Rudyard Kipling’s If. I feel it’s the kind of poem that reads very differently depending on the phase of life you’re in, and right now the second stanza is the most meaningful to me.
• My monthly museum challenge will take me to see the Caro


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