bigger fish to fry!/Matthops82/status/478549362260185088

In case you had any remaining doubt as to the Department of Veterans Affairs’ commitment to addressing the horrific mistreatment of our nation’s vets, this ought to clear things up:!/DeptVetAffairs/status/478523107440091136

Sorry … what?!/Cameron_Gray/status/478545742219333633

Because what’s mass human slaughter or sick heroes left to languish or die when there are fish on the line?!/Matthops82/status/478548280570175489!/Trent_Hill/status/478546920369971200!/AngelaKG/status/478552413868011520!/betzbella/status/478541255966605313!/Matthops82/status/478547319894204416

Or — dare we say it — bigger fish to fry?!/CuffyMeh/status/478553709455355904



‘You tweet this as Iraq disintegrates’?’ @StateDept is ‘focused like a laser beam on fish’

Iraq crisis? No worries, you guys. John Kerry will … squee! Leonardo DiCaprio!

Twitchy coverage of the VA scandal

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