Repeatedly accused of harassment, the actor refuses to accept full responsibility: instead he implies that those speaking out are not reliableWhen is an apology not an apology? Usually, these days, it seems. Dustin Hoffman is the most recent big beast to be sorry/not sorry. Fellow actor Anna Graham Hunter has said that Hoffman behaved inappropriately when she was a 17-year-old working on a television film he was making in 1985. Hoffman responded with a statement saying, basically, that if Graham Hunter has that impression, then he feels bad.Not that bad though. Challenged about these and other sexual harassment allegations by talk show host John Oliver, the actor got very shirty. He made it clear that when he said “I am sorry” he meant that he would have been sorry if he had done what she claimed, but he didn’t. Hoffman had made the statement, he explained, because his media advisers said that would be better than getting into an argument. He doesn’t remember ever meeting the woman. The usual awful stuff. What was unusual is that Oliver called him on it. Continue reading…



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