A New York Times article posted yesterday reports:The conservative Christian coalition that helped usher President Trump into power in 2016 is planning its largest midterm election mobilization ever, with volunteers fanning out from the church pews to the streets to register voters, raise money and persuade conservatives that they cannot afford to be complacent this year.Evangelicals cite a list of Trump’s achievements as the basis for their continued support of candidates backing his agenda, despite the controversies surrounding Trump’s alleged personal behavior:He has begun the process of moving the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, won the confirmation of numerous judges and a Supreme Court Justice who seem likely to advance their anti-abortion cause, moved against transgender protections throughout the government, increased the ability of churches to organize politically and personally supported the March for Life.

Source: http://religionclause.blogspot.com/2018/04/evangelicals-organizing-for-mid-term.html


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