Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is getting lonely while serving his 87-day sentence for domestic violence against an ex-girlfriend. While serving his time, Mayweather is segregated from the general jail population. And he doesn’t like jail very much.

Aw, poor widdle woman-beater.

But someone running his Twitter account, possibly his fiancée, is reaching out to fans to ask them to drop him a line.

Apparently Mayweather still has some supporters.

@FloydMayweather I wrote you a letter a week ago! Hope you liked it write back bro #freemayweather

— Robert Bullaro (@RobertMichael3) July 7, 2012

But if his jailhouse mailbox is full, it might be hate mail, not fan mail.

@moneybigk @floydmayweather why would anyone offer him support! He's in jail for a reason, he's not the victim! Enjoy the meals Floyd

— matt verberne (@mverberne1985) July 7, 2012

@FloydMayweather Support letter, to a women beater, you must be off your head!! #should of got longer!! #never hit a woman.

— Trevor NFFC Chapman (@chappo0306) July 7, 2012

@FloydMayweather fuck off support letter, the guy is a wife beating cunt, why support that shit.

— Neil (@nahornsby) July 7, 2012

@FloydMayweather Here's my support letter: I hope you get AIDS in prison.

— Mick Roole (@the_real_mfr) July 7, 2012

@floydmayweather send a support Letter to someone who bate his missus! I don't think so

— Thomas Murphy (@thomasmurphy33) July 7, 2012

@shimthomas @FloydMayweather my letter "don't drop the soap."

— Buck Chargington (@NewerDeal) July 7, 2012

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