While most of America sadly awaited the tragic details out of the second shooting at Fort Hood, some eagerly licked their chops at the opportunity to use the occasion to push for new gun restrictions. One such person is Shannon Watts, founder of “Moms Demand Action,” a gun control group.!/shannonrwatts/status/451503942221185024!/shannonrwatts/status/451573429003485187

In case anyone was unclear about Watts’ intentions, she retweeted this:!/roseperson/status/451517754253008896

Some on Twitter reminded Watts of an inconvenient fact about military base shootings:!/johneastborough/status/451501817181274112!/cshaw79/status/451502353057722370!/MartiniShark/status/451502690590531584!/KLWorster/status/451504933213196288!/mdtruth1/status/451508752882339841!/TiredOfTyranny/status/451531541458337792

Others had general words of disapproval for Watts’ denigration of our constitutional rights:!/anthmichcara/status/451493690830520320!/TracyJeffords/status/451502490115407872!/DefendWallSt/status/451538219356921856!/pfitz7/status/451502955074969601

Shannon responded to the criticism:!/shannonrwatts/status/451529074360741888!/shannonrwatts/status/451531836393799681

We’re more than happy to pray for the Fort Hood victims, but we’ll pass on the “#momsdemand #gunsense” stuff, thanks.



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