Lawyers seems to really love podcasts. In fact, one of our most popular blog posts of all time was on the Top Ten Legal Podcasts. So we thought we’d ask a bunch of lawyers what their favorite podcasts are—and we received so many responses that we decided to share the results in several posts. Here’s Part Two!
Take a look at what’s some lawyers had to say:
“Tuesday Tips” by MaAnna on Blog Aid.   MaAnna discusses site security, design, and webmaster maintenance (such as site speed) in terms which non-techies can understand.  She also includes links to fresh, relevant articles.” —Donald E. Petersen, a Consumer Rights lawyer in Orlando

“Lawyerist podcast. Love it!” —Jared Staver, a Personal Injury lawyer in Chicago 
“My favorite legal podcast is Reboot Your Law Practice. Scott and Oscar are practicing attorneys who honestly explain what life is like for a practicing attorney.” —Evan W. Walker, who practices Personal Injury, Property Damage, and Insurance Disputes in La Jolla, California

“The Law Entrepreneur is a podcast by an attorney who used to work for our firm. It has some excellent discussions about the various issues attorneys face in building and managing a law firm.  Lawyers are not necessarily good business people, and The Law Entrepreneur can provide them with ideas and lessons that they may not think of on their own.” —Thomas J. Simeone, a Personal Injury lawyer in  Washington D.C.
“My favorite podcast is a “bad movie” podcast called We Hate Movies. I have been told I have legendarily poor taste in movies, as most of my favorites are mindless action movies that revolve around explosions and car chases. We Hate Movies picks one move every week to poke fun at, and they have covered many of my personal favorites. I also love the ABA Journal podcasts on certain issues. They’re excellent.” —Callan Stein, who practices White Collar Criminal Defense, Civil Commercial Litigation, and Healthcare Litigation in Boston 

“In our practice, we utilize the psychodrama methods taught at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College to hone in on the emotions of the individuals that tie us together as human beings. We try to get to the heart of each and every story, so any podcast related to storytelling steals my attention. I could not get enough of Starlee Kine’s The Mystery Show. Even the simplest of events has a story that can be told in a gripping and compelling way, and Starlee reached the heart of these little anecdotes and connected dots that left me on edge for the next episode.”  —Brian O’Neill, a Personal Injury lawyer in San Luis Obispo, California 
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