It’s no secret that we love a good A-frame home – they conjure memories of holidays in snowy woods and summer vacations swimming in the lake or river. A-frames tend to blend in with their environment, and their fireplaces or campfires pleasantly fill you with cedar and pine scented nostalgia.
We fell in love with interior designer Astrid Insieme’s A-frame home some years ago. during their initial remodel. This past year they made updates to their deck and she shed – and you know how we feel about she sheds.

Astrid shares her 800 square foot home (in Sanborton, New Hampshire) with her husband Brian and his daughter Bella. Brian spent summers in the Lakes Region as a child and as an adult decided to purchase a home there. Astrid moved in after returning from a decade in Portugal.

Both of them having backgrounds in fine arts,  so they frequently joke that renovating their house together has been their largest installation piece. One of Astrid’s favorite rooms is their bedroom that has a not-so-secret loft/meditation lounge which can only be accessed by their room.

The A-frame was built in 1969 and since it’s previous owners original intent was only to occupy it in the summer months, Astrid and Brian took 3 years making it an all season home. Now they are able to enjoy their home year round – indoors and out!

When asked her thoughts on bohemianism, Astrid shared: “My wanderlust has always defined my personality and (has) driven both my philosophy and perspective in life…(and) it inevitably manifested in my creative direction when designing our family’s home. It is so important for me to feel connected to the vast world out there…and that global connection needs to be palpable and reflected in my surroundings. I feel most alive in spaces when they feel exotic, interesting, and surprising – not unlike a vacation to an unfamiliar locale! It (bohemianism) is truly a personal lifestyle, a vision, underscored by forging your own creative path and identity and exploring the unfamiliar.”
Thanks for sharing your #JungalowStyle, Astrid!
You can see more of Astrid’s home on her website and instagram. 
Unless otherwise noted, Photography by Astrid Insieme. 



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