Well, Veterans Day brought out cretinous ingrates, the repulsive Michael Moore and whining students. It also brought out the crazy who are suffering from Bush (and Cheney) Derangement Syndrome. Yes, still.!/theabstract11/status/399900473001394176

First thought: BUSH!!!11111eleventy. Shame on you, sir.!/MICHAELDOLLAR/status/399874208596893696!/donthebear/status/399949644056129536!/dentonjw/status/399959053742247936!/NancyWonderful/status/399558933133549570!/Tjokkema/status/399931173175967744

Seriously, seek help.

As an antidote to derangement, please do watch the beautiful and touching Veterans Day message from President George W. Bush.!/vietvet6569/status/399924367762522112

Editor’s note: This post has been amended to fix a typo.


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