This election hit a lot of people pretty hard, and its understandable if some still havent fully recovered.

Politics are personal, and this election cycle was long (too long), emotional and extremely divisive.

No one can blame youif youre feeling a little off.

How To Move Forward After The Election

But President Obama has a message for you if youre still struggling.

He wants you to know its OK to be sad, but you cant mope forever and hell be waiting for you when youre ready to join the fight.

During a telephone call with Democrats on Monday, the president spoke of his admiration for Hillary Clinton and outlined what he thinks needs to be done moving forward, Huffington Post reports.

The president acknowledged that the election didnt end the way a lot of people mightve hoped, but hes still proud of the example Clinton set especially for kids, saying,

I want to publicly say how proud I am of Hillary Clinton of a history-making race.

We did not get the results we wanted, but we took a step in shattering a barrier thats still there. And little girls and little boys are going to have a different sense of the possible thanks to her nomination and her candidacy.

The president added that the pride he feels over how Clinton fought during this election doesntmean the result still doesnt hurt. Buthe warned against falling into despair,

That doesnt mean we dont hurt for what was an unexpected loss. Expected losses are hard enough; unexpected ones are just worse. And thats OK.

I was telling my team: Youre allowed to mope for a week and a half. Maybe two if you really need it. But after that, weve got to brush ourselves off and get back to work. We need to come together and focus on a way ahead.

The president urged people to ask the tough questions, dig deep and do a little soul-searching about what happened here, but none of that means its time to give up,

It means that were listening to each other, were reflecting, were asking tough questions, were respectful of different points of view, were basing our decisions on facts and careful analysis.

Were taking the long view, and were strategizing.

President Obama might be at the end of his tenure, but hes still got a lot of fight left in him. He said,

The bottom line is: I dont know about yall, but Im still fired up and Im still ready to go.

This fired up line harkens back to a storythe president has told many times and something that happened on his campaign back in 2008.

If you havent heard the story, do yourself a favor and watch the video below. It will definitely cheer you up.

Remember this: If one voice can change a room, it can change a city, and if it can change city, it can change a state, and if it can change a state, it can change a nation, and if it can change a nation, it can change the world.

Are you fired up yet? Are you ready to go?

Thousands Protest Against Trump

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