Republican efforts to blow up Obamacare may lead to a more leftwing alternative. This may one of the juiciest ironies of the Trump presidencyThe determined push by Donald Trump and congressional Republicans to rollback Barack Obama’s health care reform is radicalizing the Democratic party. The backlash is empowering the progressive wing of the party and forcing moderates to shift toward the left. When the Democrats are back in power – and that day will come – the change will be dramatic.Obama’s healthcare reform (known as “Obamacare”) followed the broad contours of Bill Clinton’s “third way” approach of offering government incentives to induce the private sector to do good. Obamacare aimed to expand private health insurance coverage by offering tax credits and creating an accessible online “marketplace” of quality health plans. It also cracked down on gaming by insurers who avoided the sick and on individuals who ducked insurance but still wanted all of us to pay for their medical care when they showed up in emergency rooms or in urgent care. Continue reading…



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