Roller coasters provide big thrills to people around the world. Amusement parks get swamped with those seeking to feel the rush that only the coaster experience can provide. Its part scary and part exciting! But while we take for granted that these things are completely safe, it turns out there have been some extremely horrific deaths that have occurred on roller coasters. Check these out:

‘Big Dipper’ Wooden Roller Coaster – 1972

This coaster was the main attraction at the Battersea Park Funfair in England. The amusement park had been running for 20 years, but on May of 1972, something tragic occurred. One of the ropes carrying a car snapped, causing a car at the top of the hill to roll backwards. The car was filled with kids and five of them became crushed to death while 13 others were injured.

Mindbender – 1986

The Mindbender just opened months prior in Alberta, Canada at Galaxyland, but disaster soon struck. Missing bolts in the last car were to blame. It flew off the track, slamming into a wall and then, with the safety bars releasing, sending passengers flying through the air, some to their death. Three dead and others were injured. Despite the tragedy, the ride is still open.

Fujin Raijin II – 2007

It was 2007 at Expoland in Osaka, Japan. The Fujin Raijin II left one college student dead and another 19 injured. It had derailed and the cars went flying off the tracks. Turns out the axles had not been replaced or even serviced for 15 years. Eventually the park shut down after people stopped going there.

Superman: Tower of Power – 2007

Six Flags Kentucky. June of 2007. The Superman: Tower of Power ride. While heading up the ride, teenage girls became thrashed by cables in the face and body. The support cables had broke and now the ride itself was smoking, while still climbing to the top. 13-year-old Kaitlyn Lasitter had both of her feet chopped clear off by the whipping cable. One was later able to be reattached. The other was so mangled it was not. Other passengers were injured as well.

Puff The Little Fire Dragon – 1989

This was supposed to be a kids ride that was safe. But Utah’s Lagoon Amusement Park’s Puff the Little Fire Dragon ride proved to be far from it. Despite it was one of the slowest rides in the whole park in 1989, the Little Red Dragon ride put a 6-year-old on the tracks after his restraints didnt hold. The four feet fall was not severe injury inducing, but it was when he went to get up, climbing back on the track, that the demonic Dragon ride circled back around and hit him on the head, killing the boy.

Ride of Steel – 2011

It was in Syracuse, New York, where Iraq War vet Sgt. James Hackemer rode the Ride of Steel coaster at the
Darien Lake Amusement Park. He had lost both legs in war, due to a roadside IED, but made it back alive. Naturally he wanted to ensure he was fastened in securely due to his condition. But when the ride took off, it went over one of the small hills, and thats when the Sgt. came out of the safety restraints, falling to his death…

Cyclone – 1988

Coney Island. 1988. The Cyclone. A classic wooden coaster. One person was riding it at the time and he was a maintenance worker. Thinking it would be okay to ignore the safety bar and proceed to stand up on the ride, he was quickly thrown from it, plummeting 30 feet onto a crossbeam where he instantly died.

Water World USA – 1997

Water World USA. 1997. 33 high school seniors. Graduation. They all celebrated by crowding onto a water slide. Unfortunately the slide could not take all the weight. It collapsed. One teen died, all the others were injured, 17 of which received their diplomas in wheelchairs a few weeks later.

Action Park

Action Park. The sight of the most dangerous water park in America, with a string of accidents occurring from 1978 to 1996. Drownings included a 15-year-old in 1982, a 20-year-old in 1984, and an 18-year-old in 1987. Action Park closed after the lawsuits set it and lack of attendance. In 1998 it opened back up as Mountain Creek Waterpark. In 2014, apparently feeling enough time had passed, they changed their name back to Action Park.

Haunted Castle – 1984

May, 1984. Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. The Haunted Castle. A fire breaks out inside. People ran out and escaped harm. But eight teens remained trapped inside. They ended up becoming burned to death, their bodies unrecognizable once recoverd. It was concluded that arson was the likely reason the fire had occurred.

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