Should You Learn To Code?

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2. Is there an article telling you if you should learn to code?

There’s been a lot written about about what type of person should learn to code., it can be confusing. What about you?

Just pick the square that best describes you. If there’s more than one, you can refresh and pick again.

Should You Learn To Code?

  1. You got:

    Yes, learn to code

    Everyone should learn to code.

    Or whatever.

  2. You got:

    Yes, basketball fans should learn to code.

    NBA star Chris Bosh Why Everyone Should Learn To Code

    You don’t want to disappoint Chris Bosh, do you?

  3. You got:

    Yes, business people should learn to code

    The Harvard Business School Review says so: Should MBAs Learn to Code?

    Or whatever. Do whatever you want it’s a free country.

  4. You got:

    Yes, women should learn to code.

    Elle magazine says so: Why We Need Women Who Code

  5. You got:

    Yes, children should learn to code.

    The Guardian says so: Why Every Child Should Learn To Code

  6. You got:

    Yes, designers should learn to code

    Beacuse FastCo says so.

  7. You got:

    Yes, Doctors should learn to code

    Because the Digital Doctors Conference says so.

  8. You got:

    Yes, Justin Bieber should learn to code.

    So says some guy: Justin Bieber Should Learn How To Code

  9. You got:

    Yes, Bloomberg vowed to learn to code in 2012

  10. You got:

    Yes, blue collar students should learn to code

    Anil Dash says vocational schools should teach “blue collar coders”. He’s usually right so believe him: The Blue Collar Coder

  11. You got:

    Yes, marketers should learn to code

    Should Marketers Learn To Code In 2014?

  12. You got:

    Yes, geographers should learn to code

    Why Geographers Should Learn To Code

  13. You got:

    Maybe. Idk.

    PBS says: Why Journalists Should Learn To Code

    But then the Atlantic Wire:
    Should Journalism Schools Require Reporters to ‘Learn Code’? No

  14. You got:

    Ermmmm I guess?

    Well, this guy taught a homeless guy to code, and it went ok, but like………. don’t be that guy.

  15. You got:

    Yes, because Miss Utah proved it

    According to, Miss Utah’s inability to answer a question about income inequality proves that women should learn to code.

  16. You got:

    Yes, children should learn to code

    According to Medium: Why It’s Important To Teach Kids To Code

  17. You got:

    Yes, cats should learn to code

    On Medium: Teach Your Cat To Code

  18. You got:

    Yes, all majors should learn to code

    Should All Majors, Not Just Computer Science Majors, Learn to Code?

  19. You got:

    No, white men should not learn to code.

    Enough of you already.

    A & E

  20. You got:

    Yes, entrepreneurs should learn to code

    So says the Wall Street Journal:

    Do Tech Entrepreneurs Need to Know How to Code?

  21. You got:

    Yes, Estonians MUST learn to code.

    Estonia is now teaching programming to all first graders:

    Estonia Reprograms First Graders as Web Coders

  22. You got:

    Yes, all high schoolers should learn to code

    Google, Intel, Microsoft, and others lobbied the Massachusetts state government to make computer literacy classes required in public schools:
    Mandate computing classes, tech giants say

  23. You got:

    Yes, of course nannies should learn to code

    You don’t want your wee charges falling behind, do you?

  24. You got:

    Yes, disabled vets should learn to code

    Well, according to Reddit.

    I am a Disabled Iraq War Veteran who doesn’t know what to do with the rest of my life. Ask Me Anything.

  25. You got:

    No, Obama is too busy to learn to code.

    Jesus freaking Christ, like the man doesn’t have a country to run? He’s busy.

    However, Obama says everyone else should learn to code:

    Just Play With Your Phone, Program It!

  26. You got:

    Yes, feminists should learn to code

    Canadian feminists, at least:
    When She Codes, The Revolution’s Coming

    But also:

    Stop Telling Women They Just Need to Know How to Code

    United Artists

  27. You got:

    Duh, teen girls should learn to code

    There’s a whole program for it:

    Girls Who Code

  28. You got:

    Yes, rappers should learn to code

    Because says so: ‘I want to write code!’


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