It’s that time of year again: Starbucks is kicking off pumpkin spice latte season by raising its prices for some U.S. customers.
Going up
Starting today, certain Starbucks locations will be charging more on select menu items:
• Some sizes of brewed coffee will increase by anywhere from $0.10 to $0.20
• Select espresso drinks — like mochas and lattes — will soon cost $0.10 to $0.30 more
• Bacon Gouda breakfast sandwiches will now range from $3.45 to $4.95
• Cookies will also see an increase by about $0.30.
The company expects that the average customer’s ticket will increase by about 0.5% as a result of the pricing adjustment, a Starbucks spokesperson explained to Consumerist.
Not happy
As one might expect, customers are already ticked off to see the increased prices:

@Starbucks couldn’t wait to tell us about PLS today. A heads up about the PRICE INCREASE would have been nice #broke #needabiggerallowance
— Karen Ross (@jazzeekay5) September 5, 2017

Price increase #outrage Went in for my usual grande Americano to be told it has been increased by 10cent @Starbucks #highlyoverpriced
— Lisa Finlay (@lisamariefinlay) September 5, 2017

Price hike @Starbucks just when I was debating on upgrading from a coffee to a name a cannot pronounce type drink #sticktocoffee #pricehike
— Rob Palowitz (@RobPalowitz) September 5, 2017

@Starbucks was it really necessary to raise the price of brewed coffee 20¢?
— Zach Gibson (@zachattac2) September 5, 2017

More of the same
This isn’t unusual for Starbucks — it’s part of an ongoing effort by Starbucks.
“Pricing is continually evaluated on a product-by-product and market-by-market basis in our stores in order to balance business needs while continuing to provide value to our loyal customers,” Sanja Gould told Consumerist.
To that end, this marks the fourth year in a row that Starbucks has asked customers to cough up more money for their coffee and snacks. Last year, a glitch in Starbucks’ computer system caused the chain to raise prices two weeks earlier than the company had planned.



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