Graphic: Shep McAllisterEvery house on the block will be giving out packs of Tootsie Rolls and Smarties. Want to give the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood something special? Try these underrated candies.Flavored KitKatsYou know KitKat, but Japan knows how to do KitKat right. The wild assortment of KitKat flavors you can find in Japan—like green tea, raspberry, or strawberry—are easily obtained on Amazon via importers. They’re much tastier than the boring old chocolate ones you’re used to.Lindt Chocolate TrufflesLindt’s chocolate truffles look more like they’re getting dressed up for prom than for Halloween, but they’re the kind of gourmet candy that makes Reese’s Cups look like Mallo Cups. They’re pricier than your typical Halloween candy, so you may prefer to keep them for your own Halloween party rather than give them out to kids who, let’s be honest, won’t appreciate them like you will.Kasugai Fruit GummiesWhen it comes to gummies, Haribo may be the standard bearer, but Japanese brand Kasugai makes some of the most unique ones around. This Snack Monster pack comes with 100 individually wrapped gummies in flavors like mango, kiwi, lychee, and even ramune, in addition to more familiar flavors like grape, watermelon, and strawberry.Plenty of other varieties of Kasugai gummies are widely available on Amazon, so be sure to to browse.Ferrero Hanuta Hazelnut SandwichThe phrase “hazelnut sandwich” may not sound like the kind of thing you’d give out for Halloween. Yet this chocolate wafer confection from the same company that makes Nutella is way more delicious than it has any right to be. A ~$20-$25 box (there are a few listings on Amazon) comes with 18 individually wrapped packs with two sandwiches each, so you’ll be forgiven for sticking to one pack per kid.Coffin CrispStraight from Canada, Coffee Crisp is a tasty wafer candy bar with a coffee cream taste. For Halloween, though, the company introduces a special edition, Coffin Crisp. There’s not much difference aside from a spooky skeleton on the box, but you do get 30 bars for about $17-$18, which isn’t the worst deal.



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