You know those hard water deposits that are totally stubborn to get rid of?

They show up in bathrooms and around your kitchen sink. These build-ups are so annoying as scrubbing seems to do very little, and they are extremely unsightly that you really need to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Thankfully someone has discovered a foolproof way to get rid of this ugly stain buildup once and for all. And its quite easy to do. It actually doesnt have to do so much with scrubbing as it does with soaking. Basically you want to leave a vinegar-soaked towel on the hard water deposit areas. The vinegar works wonders as it breaks down the build-up. You just need about an hour worth of soak time. Then you wipe away and it actually comes off with relative ease! So forget all about going out and spending money on expensive cleaning agents, definitely give this a try first. Your kitchen and bathroom will take on a whole new look and shine when applying this vinegar soaking/scrubbing technique! Check out the video to learn exactly how to do it.

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