Emojis are fun, right? They can add a blip of color and a dash of personality to even the most boring email. They can spruce up a social media post. They can even convey certain messages and emotions better than words. They’re a great tool to have in your pocket … literally. (Ha. Or should I say 😂) What if I told you that these little guys could make a big difference in your click-through rates, open rates, and general engagement levels — that they could breathe life into your brand? That kind of changes the game, huh? That’s why we’ve compiled this guide. We’re going to cover why to use emojis, how to use them for business, and some popular combinations you can employ in your marketing. Let’s get started! Keep reading, or use the chapter links below to jump around. What are Emojis? Emojis are small icons and images created using Unicode Standard. They’re used in text messages, on websites, and as part of other digital communication. The word “emoji” comes from the Japanese e (絵,


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