Heads up, AP. In an interview that aired Monday night, President Obama signaled his apparent desire for another Stylebook rewrite. Out: “American.” In: “U.S. person.”!/Cameron_Gray/status/346840542954532865

Yep, another term sacrificed on the oh-so-inclusive altar of progressive Newspeak. So … what, pray tell, is a “U.S. person” anyway? It must mean something since President Citizen of the World said it more than once during the interview with Charlie Rose.

What I can say unequivocally is that if you are a U.S. person, the NSA cannot listen to your telephone calls, and the NSA cannot target your emails … and have not. They cannot and have not, by law and by rule, and unless they — and usually it wouldn’t be “they,” it’d be the FBI — go to a court, and obtain a warrant, and seek probable cause, the same way it’s always been, the same way when we were growing up and we were watching movies, you want to go set up a wiretap, you got to go to a judge, show probable cause….

So point number one, if you’re a U.S. person, then NSA is not listening to your phone calls and it’s not targeting your emails unless it’s getting an individualized court order. That’s the existing rule.

Got that, U.S. persons?!/BryanTripoli/status/346838583660916736

Is a “U.S. person” an American? A catchall that includes undocumented Democrats? (Shout-out to the “Dreamers!”)!/BreakingNewzman/status/346841309329362945

But American just sounds so imperialistic and exclusive, dontcha think? No?!/plerer/status/346836806798544896!/jclaireb/status/346833376470257664

Up next: USian. We wish we were kidding.



For those wondering how the NSA defines “U.S. person”:

Federal law and executive order define a U.S. Person as:

a. a citizen of the United States;

b. an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence;

c. an unincorporated association with a substantial number of members who are citizens of the U.S. or are aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residence; or,

d. a corporation that is incorporated in the U.S.

Heh. So Obama’s saying corporations are people? Someone get the Soros monkeys on this!

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