Dear US Veterans,

You're NO better than Islamic Terrorists.


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— Ed Shahzade (@Ed) May 15, 2014

That’s the message Joyce Carol Oates sent to veterans on Thursday when she suggested a repugnant moral equivalence between Islamic terrorists and those who serve in the U.S. military. “We are so very superior to the “suicide-bomber” cult–are we?” she asked. “US does not transform young vulnerable hopeless into human weapons of war?”

Many Twitter users weren’t buying the slimy attempt to inoculate herself against criticism with a couple of question marks.!/ConservativeLA/status/467028893741113347

How about these questions, Joyce?!/clarkr3000/status/466993664409882624!/Bilford_Wrimley/status/466993957092999168

Whatever’s wrong with her, it’s time for Oates to seek help.!/FrogSupply/status/467003539206963201

So do we.

These Twitter users say they served the country and were far from “vulnerable” and “hopeless.”!/BrandonStahl1/status/466984901108326400!/LislAK/status/467164378970603520!/FredKiesche/status/466988772379590656!/jon_jononymous/status/467032790253322241!/KurtSchlichter/status/467139294105059328

Pathetic, indeed.


Degenerate Joyce Carol Oates: Is the US military really ‘so very superior’ to terrorists?

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