J.R. Salzman is an Iraq War veteran and writer, and today is the seventh anniversary of the IED blast that changed his life. On Facebook, he gave thanks to his family and friends (and strangers) who have helped him along the way.

It was seven years ago today that I nearly lost my life on a war torn road in NW Baghdad. Through the grace of God, I survived the roadside bomb, but not without severe, life-changing injuries. I have done my best to persevere and not take one moment for granted since that fateful day. While I feel that I have been able to accomplish great things despite my injuries (with more planned), I will readily admit I did not get here on my own. Thank you to my family, friends, loved ones, and all the complete strangers who have opened their hearts and helped me get where I am today. I could not have done it without you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Salzman then began tweeting his account of that day seven years ago.!/jrsalzman/status/413886930661568512!/jrsalzman/status/413887381284999168!/jrsalzman/status/413887779118923776!/jrsalzman/status/413888436215357440!/jrsalzman/status/413888832472240128!/jrsalzman/status/413889258856792064!/jrsalzman/status/413889607457980416!/jrsalzman/status/413890190583668736!/jrsalzman/status/413890980517924864!/jrsalzman/status/413891516474462208!/jrsalzman/status/413891945040060416!/jrsalzman/status/413892438298603520!/jrsalzman/status/413892867694682112!/jrsalzman/status/413893153872035840!/jrsalzman/status/413893451843764224!/jrsalzman/status/413894127369998336!/jrsalzman/status/413894437870120960!/jrsalzman/status/413894866540589056!/jrsalzman/status/413895276051435520!/jrsalzman/status/413895914801995776!/jrsalzman/status/413896448418140161!/jrsalzman/status/413896929202819073!/jrsalzman/status/413897523053334528!/jrsalzman/status/413897825433313280!/jrsalzman/status/413898729276452865!/jrsalzman/status/413900168975503360!/JimmyPrinceton/status/413901955245690881!/DebFrmHell/status/413904122107011072!/iriswebb/status/413903597202833408

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