“Ive never told anyone that before. So here we are…I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself.”

Lady Gaga is probably best known for one of three things: her incredibly out-there style (need I remind you of the meat dress she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?), her bold vocals and, easily enough, her name.

On Sunday, she graced us with one of the greatest halftime performancesthis country has seen in a while, and she did it with whole-hearted class, grace and dignity.

But before she was swooping in from the roof of NRG Stadium, and giving us all the feels with her shout out to mom and dad, Gaga made a quiet trip to visit homeless and displaced youth in New York City.

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Lady Gagaproved shes just like the rest of us in a recent visit to the Ali Forney Center in New York City. It was during her time there that the 30-year-old songstress opened up about her long history with mental illness.

She shared one of her deepest secrets with the homeless kids who call the shelter home.

I have a mental illness and I struggle with that mental illness every day. My own trauma in my own life has helped me to understand the trauma of others.

Gaga has opened up before about being raped at 19 years old. It took her seven years to tell anyone about the experience, but once she did, she became an outspoken advocate for victims of sexual assault and violence.Although, the ramifications have caused her mental health to suffer.

I told the kids today, I suffer from PTSD. Ive never told anyone that before. So here we are.

Its no secret that Gagas own trauma is the fuel behind some of her greatest hits. Her Oscar-nominated song Til It Happens to You details the harrowing experience of what its like to be sexually assaulted.

Gaga says its the kindness shes been shown by others that helped her through some of her darkest days.

The kindness thats shown to me by doctors as well as my family, and my friends, its really saved my life.

This comes after the singer recently admitted that fame doesnt make people happy. She hopes her new album will remind people of whats really important.

In the richest homes I meet the saddest and most depressed people. With this album I wanted to remind the whole world and my fans that the most important things are love and kindness. Kindness is what will create harmony, not celebrity and not fame. Money has been put on a pedestal, beauty has been put on a pedestal, celebrity has been put on a pedestal. I have traveled the world and seen the happiest people in the poorest parts of the world.



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Iraq War vet and wounded warrior J.R. Salzman, on hearing the news that Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserves earlier this year after testing positive for cocaine, was anxious to play “What if this was a Republican?” with the mainstream media.

Seriously though, how big of a shitbag do you have to be to do cocaine while you're in the military when you know you get random drug tests?

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

To answer my own question, only giant shitbags, or privileged brats would do cocaine while in the military. Biden's son was serving for show

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

According to the CNN report, Biden's son made it a whole month before testing positive for cocaine. A MONTH.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

The fact that both Biden's son and daughter have been caught doing cocaine explains a lot about his behavior. No one sober acts like that.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

You mean Joe being Joe?

That makes two children of @VP who have been caught doing cocaine. But yeah, that Palin is a terrible parent.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

Come on you media hacks. Give Biden's cocaine snorting son the same treatment that you would if it was Palin's.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

Remember, Biden's son needed a waiver to get in the military because of drugs.Then he made a whole month before testing positive for cocaine

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

Come on, media. As you just established with the Palin brawl, politician's families are not off limits. Cover Biden's cocaine snorting son.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

If this were one of Palin's kids caught doing cocaine the media would dive into it right down to the guy who grew the coca in Colombia.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

Before you accuse me of being a Palin lover, I'm not. I just really really hate media double standards.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

How many media outlets knew Joe Biden's son was kicked out of the Navy for cocaine back in February but refused to report on it?

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

Which media outlet will start the narrative that Bidens son is a victim and we should leave him alone to his Ukrainian gas company position?

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

By next week mentioning Biden's son got booted from the Navy will be dishonestly characterized as an attack on everyone with an addiction.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 17, 2014

If not by tonight.

Ok..I'm pissed now! ADDICTION is a "disease". Stop giving VP Joe Biden's son all these hateful comments! It can happen to anyone you love

— Lynnie (@TweetThisBabe) October 17, 2014


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